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Crypto Millions Lotto Launches its Digital Gaming Affiliate Program
Crypto Millions Lotto Launches its Digital Gaming Affiliate Program

London, England, 30th June, 2021, Hot on the heels of their 2020 launch of the earth ’ south first bitcoin lottery, Crypto Millions Lotto are announcing the launch of their highly attractive consort program, backed by a first affiliate management team .
The plan offers very attractive commissions, but significantly, it besides offers an industry-first commission bonus of 5 % of the pot won by any player that is referred to the broadcast by an affiliate. Pay outs are all in bitcoin, daily for lottery and 48 hours after the month end for casino games .
couple that with an attention-getting learning offer of the inaugural six plays being free for new players ( one on each of six external lotteries ), with no necessitate to make a deposition first, plus a 200 % basic offer by way of a Lucky Gift Card if the first deposit is made, and it all adds up to an irresistible proposition.

The days of queuing in shops to buy paper tickets with cash are over. Crypto Millions Lotto is entirely digital. Customers, who can play from more than 180 countries for the biggest jackpots in the lottery, do it all online, from the comfort of dwelling. And for cash, learn bitcoin .
Using cryptocurrency enables fast deposits and moment withdrawals, anywhere in the worldly concern. These tangible benefits translate into better conversion of mention customers, which means greater earnings for affiliates .
By their actions, Crypto Millions Lotto has made it clear up it values its affiliates highly. Everything is completely diaphanous, with hope affiliate trailing and customised report through a leading affiliate platform .
And to help affiliates get murder to a fast beginning, they are provided with a large compass of professionally designed marketing materials which will help them promote the games in whichever social media channel they choose.

Commenting on the launch, Crypto Millions Lotto ’ s CEO, Sulim Malook said, “ We ’ ve already shown that we intend to do lottery differently, and immediately we ’ re going to do affiliate marketing differently excessively. We see this as one of primary routes to market and we ’ re going to give it the resource and support it needs to be a huge success ” .
About Crypto Millions Lotto
Crypto Millions Lotto and its affiliate program is operated by UK-based Wilmington Holdings plc, whose wholly owned auxiliary company Ofertas365 ( Curaçao ) N.V., holds a lottery license to operate in more than 180 countries. Jackpots are in full insured by the world ’ sulfur leading prize indemnity insurance specialist and prizes are based on the consequence of established national lotteries. This unbreakable yoke gives Crypto Millions Lotto complete paleness and transparency .
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