Best Bitcoin Mining Sites for April 2022

Unless you are looking to invest tens of thousands of dollars into specialist hardware and electricity consumption – you likely won ’ triiodothyronine bring rich Bitcoin mine. For a first gear degree of passive income however, there are now a number of leading cloud-based sites that enable you to mine Bitcoin without needing to purchase any ASIC kits or consume huge amounts of energy and power .
alternatively, it ’ sulfur just a font of investing some money into an allocation of mining hash rate or power remotely. In this guide, we compare the best Bitcoin mining sites on-line and whether or not this recess market is worth it .

Best Bitcoin Mining Sites – Top List

For a quick overview of the best Bitcoin mine sites on the commercialize right immediately – below are 8 top providers. We ’ ll besides review other passive income streams in crypto .

  • Shamining – Overall Best Bitcoin Mining Site
  • ECOS – Great Crypto Mining Site for Custom Contracts
  • GMINERS – Average Bitcoin Mining Yield of 150%
  • ChickenFast – Top Platform for Beginners to Mine Bitcoin
  • HashShiny – Cloud Mining Site That Supports Multiple Coins
  • BeMine – Variety of Cloud Mining Contracts With Clear Payout Information
  • TrustMining – Cryptocurrency Mining Site for Small Casual Investors
  • Genesis Mining – User-Friendly Mining Platform With Contracts That Often Sell Out

Read on to find out which coins the above crypto mine sites support – aboard fees and electric potential ROIs.

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The Best Crypto Mining Platforms Reviewed

When searching for the best crypto mine platforms, you first need to ensure that your chosen supplier is lawful – as there are many victimize artists operating in this space .
You then need to explore what coins the platform allows you to mine and what setup costs you will need to meet. then, be certain to assess what fees use and how much you can earn in terms of the ROI .
Taking the aforesaid metrics into account, below you will find reviews of the overall best Bitcoin mining sites to consider today .

1. Shamining – Overall Best Bitcoin Mining Site

When it comes to reputation, profitableness, and fees – Shamining is arguably the best Bitcoin mine web site. This platform is a cloud mine site, which means that you can earn a passive income without needing to actually buy any hardware equipment or consume huge amounts of electricity. rather, you will be renting a Bitcoin mining rig remotely .
This possibly sounds more building complex than it actually is. After all, in order to get started on the Shamining platform, it ’ mho equitable a character of registering an history and deciding which Bitcoin mine grow you wish to invest in. then, you can start generating income by making a deposit to pay for your crypto mine contract .
The minimum sediment required at this democratic Bitcoin minimum locate is barely $ 250.The chopine notes that the average income multiplier is 1.43x, so this means that for every $ 1,000 invested – you can walk off with the crypto-equivalent of $ 1,430. We like the fact that Shamining has been around since 2018 and that it has been used by over 70,000 people .
Shamining offers a variety of contracts that you can choose from – each of which comes with diverse minimum investment requirements and lock-up terms. With that said, if you ’ rhenium diffident which contract is correct for you – Shamining offers a useful calculator that allows you to assess what ROIs are available based on the sum you invest .
When it comes to fees, charges are built into the ROI that you see. As such, this makes it easily to assess your crypto mining profitableness levels. We like that Shamining enables you to cash out your proceeds whenever you like, albeit, you must wait for the respective contract to settle. You besides have the choice of reinvesting your profits to benefit from compound sake .

Number of Supported Coins  1 – Bitcoin
Minimum Investment  $250
Mining Fees Built into the ROI
ROI  An average multiplier of 1.43x

What We Like:

  • Overall best Bitcoin mining site
  • No requirement to buy specialist hardware
  • Minimum investment just $250
  • Established in 2018
  • An average multiplier of 1.43x

2. ECOS – Great Crypto Mining Site for Custom Contracts

ECOS is home to an extensive crypto ecosystem that covers a variety of products and services. In addition to cloud mining, ECOS besides offers a procure wallet and a leading crypto exchange. You can get started with this platform on-line or via the iOS/Android app. We like ECOS for its customization tools, which allow you to create a Bitcoin mining contract that meets your requirements .
For exemplify, you can set parameters linked to the shrink duration and price. You can even state what price you believe Bitcoin will be when your custom mining contract expires, which allows you to get a clear estimate of the likely ROI on offer. In terms of profitableness yields, this will ultimately depend on the contract that you create .
ECOS review
As a prime example, let ’ s say that you opt for a 36-month narrow and you believe that Bitcoin will be worth $ 60,000 when it expires. In this scenario, your RIO would amount to 99 %. We besides like that ECOS breaks down your profits on a casual, monthly, and annual footing .
Using the same parameters and based on an initial investment of $ 5,000 – this would yield $ 278 per month in passive income. In terms of supported markets, just like Shamining, you can alone engage in Bitcoin mine. Nonetheless, another benefit of using ECOS is that the chopine offers real-time customer servicing via a survive new world chat facility .

Number of Supported Coins  1 – Bitcoin
Minimum Investment  $150
Mining Fees Service fees depend on custom contract
ROI  Profitability depends on custom contract

What We Like:

  • Create a custom mining contract to meet your ROI requirements
  • Profits are broken down on a daily, monthly, and annual basis
  • Great mobile app
  • The minimum contract value is just $150

3. GMINERS – Average Bitcoin Mining Yield of 150% 

following up on our list of the best crypto mine sites is GMINERS. In a alike nature to both Shamining and ECOS, GMINERS is a cloud mine platform that specializes entirely in Bitcoin. As such, if you ’ re looking to mine other digital currencies like Ethereum or Dogecoin, you will need to consider another supplier .
however, this Bitcoin mine web site offers an average ROI of 150 % – which is very competitive. In order to get started, you will need to register an account and meet a minimum depository of $ 250. You will then have a number of Bitcoin mining contracts to choose from – each of which come with a minimum term of one year .
GMINERS review
We like GMINERS for the comfort with which you can keep check on the value of your Bitcoin mining operations. This can be achieved via your smartphone, pad, or desktop device. When it to comes fees, you won ’ metric ton be charged anything to set your account up. You will, however, be charged a contract fee of $ 0.0120 per 1 GH/S .

Number of Supported Coins  1 – Bitcoin
Minimum Investment  $250
Mining Fees $0.0120 per 1 GH/S
ROI  Average ROI of 150%

What We Like:

  • An average ROI of 150%
  • The minimum investment is just $250
  • Very clear on contract fees
  • No fees to set up an account

4. ChickenFast – Top Platform for Beginners to Mine Bitcoin

If you ’ re looking for the best Bitcoin mining site for beginners, possibly ChickenFast is worth considering. This mine chopine was designed with newbies in heed and frankincense – you don ’ t need to have any anterior experience to get started. crucially, you are not required to set your own contract parameters .
rather, all you need to do is specify how much money you would like to invest into Bitcoin mine. then, the underlying ChickenFast algorithm will determine the best contracts at the clock of the investment. We like that ChickenFast offers day by day Bitcoin payouts, which means that you can reinvest your profits back into new mine contracts .
chickenfast review
If you do decide to cash out your proceeds, then you only need to meet a minimum secession of 0.0003 BTC. Another thing to note about ChickenFast is that all fees are built into the ROI that you see on your account dashboard. This makes it a cinch to know precisely how much you will be making .

Number of Supported Coins  1 – Bitcoin
Minimum Investment  $250
Mining Fees Built into the ROI
ROI  Varies – depends on the algorithm

What We Like:

  • Top Bitcoin mining site for beginners
  • No need to specify contracts
  • Simply enter your deposit amount and the algorithm will do the rest
  • Bitcoin rewards paid out on a daily basis

5. HashShiny – Cloud Mining Site That Supports Multiple Coins

If you ’ re looking for a cloud mining site that supports multiple coins – then HashShiny is one of the best options in this market. In addition to Bitcoin, this democratic supplier besides allows you to mine Ethereum, Zcash, Litecoin, Dash, Dogecoin, and Decred. furthermore, you are not forced to stick with one coin, as HashShiny enables you to mine multiple networks simultaneously .
To get started with this supplier, you first need to register an report and make a deposit. You can fund your mining investments via cryptocurrency ampere well as debit/credit cards and Paypal. When it comes to ROIs and fees, this will vary depending on the respective cryptocurrency that you decide to mine – deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as the specific abridge you select .
HashShiny review
For example, if you decide to mine Ethereum, you will earn $ 1.65 per 100 KH/S. This comes at a cost of $ 0.0024 per 100 KH/S – which is charged every day. As you can see, the main drawback with HashShiny is that the platform does not clearly display how much you can make on your investment in terms of the ROI. rather, all profitableness figures are based on the hashish rate .

Number of Supported Coins  7
Minimum Investment  Not stated
Mining Fees Depends on the coin and contract
ROI  Depends on the coin and contract

What We Like:

  • Allows you to mine 7 different coins simultaneously
  • Supports cryptocurrency and fiat money deposits
  • A variety of contracts to choose from

6. BeMine – Variety of Cloud Mining Contracts With Clear Payout Information

BeMine is another provider to consider from our list of the best cloud mine sites. This platform offers a broad crop of investment opportunities and abridge specifications – indeed you are sure to find something that aligns with your goals. furthermore, and possibly most importantly, we like that BeMine offers very clear information on how much you can earn .
This is made available via a identical elementary profitableness calculator. To offer some context, let ’ s think that you decide to invest just over $ 1,500 into an Antminer T17+ cloud contract. In doing indeed, you will earn passive income of $ 172 per calendar month or $ 2,098 annually .
BeMine review
furthermore, BeMine clearly displays the applicable fees for your choose sign. Sticking with the aforesaid case, you would pay day by day sustenance fees of $ 1.09. To pay for your choose Bitcoin mine condense, you can deposit funds via cryptocurrency, Visa, or MasterCard .

Number of Supported Coins  1 – Bitcoin
Minimum Investment  $99
Mining Fees Depends on the contract
ROI  Depends on the contract

What We Like:

  • Choose from a wide variety of contracts
  • Fees and ROIs are clearly displayed in dollar terms
  • Minimum contract size of $99

7. TrustMining – Cryptocurrency Mining Site for Small Casual Investors 

TrustMining – which has been functional for three years, claims to be the best cryptocurrency mine web site for casual investors. The platform does not require you to buy any expensive mining equipment and the minimum first-time investment is an low-cost $ 250. You can choose from three contract specifications – each of which offers similar returns .
For model, should you invest $ 250 into a SHA-256 contract, this will yield $ 43.80 per month in passive income or $ 525 per annum. Ethash contracts are slenderly more profitable, with a $ 250 investment offering an ROI of $ 45 monthly or $ 550 per year. We like TrustMining for its multi-device support – which covers web browsers on your laptop, smartphone, or tablet .
TrustMining review
This makes it a simple process to know precisely how much you are making from your overcast mine endeavors at the cluck of a button. Another reason why we like TrustMining is that it offers customer back via hot chat 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. In terms of payouts, you will receive your plowshare of mine rewards every 24 hours .

Number of Supported Coins  15
Minimum Investment  $250
Mining Fees Depends on the coin and contract
ROI  Depends on the coin and contract

What We Like:

  • Mine 15 different cryptocurrencies
  • Very user-friendly
  • Clear data on potential ROIs
  • 24/7 customer support

8. Genesis Mining – User-Friendly Mining Platform With Contracts That Often Sell Out

The final provider from our number of the best Bitcoin mine platforms is Genesis Mining. This mine locate is sol popular that oftentimes, it sells out its most profitable contracts. As such, you ’ ll want to be debauched should your prefer mining shrink become available. In terms of back coins, Genesis Mining allows you to mine Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, and Zcash .
As such, this gives you enough of opportunities to create a diversify basket of mine contracts. When it comes to yields, this will ultimately depend on your choose coin and the respective condense term. possibly the chief drawback with Genesis Mining is that its plans come with a high minimum investment necessity .
Genesis Mining review
For case, should you wish to mine Ethereum, the newcomer plan requires a capital spending of precisely under $ 500. however, we do like the fact that Genesis Mining allows you to deposit funds with a debit or credit card, which is ideal for first-time investors. last, Genesis Mining claims to have more than 2 million clients on its books .

Number of Supported Coins  6
Minimum Investment  $499
Mining Fees Depends on the coin and contract
ROI  Depends on the coin and contract

What We Like:

  • 7 different coins can be mined
  • Very popular contracts that often sell out
  • Claims to have more than 2 million customers
  • Accepts Visa and MasterCard payments

What is Bitcoin Mining?

You probable know that Bitcoin – and most other cryptocurrencies for that matter, are decentralized digital assets. And as such, transactions can be processed without the need for a centralize party – like a bank or fiscal mediator. In ordain for Bitcoin to remain decentralize, it requires miners .
In its most basic human body, miners are individuals or entities that connect specialist hardware devices to the blockchain net. These devices have the capability to solve highly complex mathematical equations. If the miner in interview is able to successfully solve an equation first, then they will receive the block honor.

  • Each block reward is paid out every 10 minutes and it amounts to 6.25 BTC.
  • This is down from the previous reward of 12.5 BTC, 25 BTC, and 50 BTC.
  • Nonetheless, based on the market prices at the time of writing, a Bitcoin mining reward of 6.25 BTC amounts to approximately $250,000.

a lucrative as this might sound, Bitcoin mining is no longer profitable for the average Joe. This is because, in arrange to stand a chance of being the first person to solve the 10-minute parry equation, you will need to be in monomania of a specialist crypto mine car. This is not only expensive but much very unmanageable to get hold of .
What is Bitcoin Mining?
furthermore, as Bitcoin miners are connected to the blockchain 24 hours per day to improve their chances of being successful, this consumes a significant sum of department of energy. And consequently, unless you live in a nation where energy costs are low, you will likely find it very unmanageable to generate consistent returns from mining – even if you have the required hardware .
This is why the best Bitcoin mining sites offer their services in cloud-form. That is to say, you can now mine Bitcoin and other digital currencies remotely without needing to buy specialist hardware or consume huge amounts of energy. alternatively, it ’ randomness just a character of depositing funds into a mine site and choosing your sign. This subsequently enables you to earn passive income .

How Does Crypto Mining Work?

In the above section, we briefly explained the fundamentals of Bitcoin mine. now, we ’ ll dig a little snatch deeper so that you have a firm understanding of how this passive investing outer space works before committing any funds .

Traditional Bitcoin Mining

As noted above, you likely won ’ metric ton be looking to engage with a traditional Bitcoin mine strategy due to the high costs involved .
however, even if you are lament to explore cloud mine, it ’ second still important to have a firm grasp of what goes on behind the scenes. After all, in order to make money from a Bitcoin mining locate – you need to risk your hard-earned capital .

  • So, every 10 minutes, the Bitcoin network mines a new block.
  • Within each block is a tranch of transactions that were executed within 10 minutes prior to the block being validated.
  • When the block is validated, all of the transactions within the respective block are confirmed as valid and will subsequently be posted to the Bitcoin ledger.

now, before a freeze can be confirmed, miners are required to validate the tranch of transactions .

  • This is achieved when a highly complex equation is solved – which typically takes 10 minutes.
  • Only one miner can be successful in solving a specific block – which is why only one reward of 6.25 BTC is distributed.

It goes without saying that for Bitcoin miners to make money in the traditional sense, the rewards that they receive must surpass the underlie electricity and care costs .

Cloud Mining Bitcoin

All of the providers from our list of circus tent Bitcoin mining sites offered a distant service that is facilitated via the cloud. This means that in Layman ’ south Terms – you are not required to buy any specialist hardware devices .
furthermore, early than connecting to the internet, you will not consume any electricity when engaging in cloud mine. alternatively, the cloud mining site that you sign up with will have the required hardware devices set up in their own rig farm .
And in turn, when you invest money into a overcast mining sign, you are basically renting a share of available hashing baron that the farm generates .
Cloud Mining Bitcoin
As a simplistic model, if you invest the equivalent of 1 % into a Bitcoin mining chopine and the respective outfit makes a $ 10,000 net income in a one day, you would earn $ 100 .
In most cases, your mining rewards will be paid to you every 24 hours. This enables you to reinvest the tokens back into another mining abridge, which can facilitate colonial growth .
furthermore, we should note that most Bitcoin mining companies require you to purchase a contract with a duration of at least one year. Some, however, do offer compromising terms, albeit, at less favorable yields .

Is Bitcoin Mining Profitable?

traditional Bitcoin mine is no longer profitable for the average Joe. Crucially, this space is immediately dominated by a small act of large-scale Bitcoin mining pools – many of which are located in China .
With that said, it is possible to make a profit when you invest in a Bitcoin cloud mine site. In most cases, the supplier will let you know the anticipate give way on your investment in share terms .
Some providers go one step far by letting you know how a lot you will make in dollars on a daily, weekly, and monthly footing .

  • However, it is imperative to remember that your ability to make a profit from mining is largely dependent on the market value of digital currencies.
  • For example, when you are shown the ROI at a Bitcoin mining site, this is based on you receiving your rewards in crypto tokens.
  • This means that a 1 BTC investment at a yield of 10% would amount to an additional 0.10 BTC in mining rewards.
  • Now, if the value of the respective digital currency drops by a considerable amount, your mining endeavors can actually result in a loss.

And for this cause, we would argue that there are much better ways to earn passive income from your cryptocurrency investments, which we cover in more detail late on in this steer .

Costs of Crypto Mining

When investing money at a Bitcoin mine locate, there are many costs that are accumulated behind the scenes. This includes the price of :

  • Buying the many ASIC devices required to stand a chance of validating a block
  • Huge electricity costs to keep the crypto mining rig operational 24/7
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Internal costs related to facilitating accounts, deposits, and withdrawals

These costs will, of course, be passed on to you as a client of the web site. The effective news is that the best Bitcoin mining sites that we came across build these costs into the ROI of the respective shrink .
As such, you know precisely how much you will make from your mine investment .
Another tip to bear in mind is the opportunity cost of having your digital currencies locked aside in a mine narrow. As note earlier, you much need to sign up for a terminus of at least one year. During this period, you likely won ’ thymine be able to withdraw your tokens .

How to Start Mining Bitcoin?

If you ’ ra confident that cloud mine is correct for you and wish to start earning passive income today – this section of our guidebook will get you set up with leading platform Shamining .

Step 1: Open Shamining Account

The beginning step is to visit the Shamining web site and pawl on the ‘ Register ’ release .
how to use Shamining
You will then be required to enter your first and last name, e-mail address, cell call number, and a chosen password .

Step 2: Deposit Funds

next, you will be asked to make a deposit into your report. The minimum deposit at Shamining is $ 250, albeit, make certain that you add enough funds to cover the Bitcoin mine condense that you wish to invest in .
Take note, if you are planning to deposit funds with a debit or credit poster as opposed to cryptocurrencies, then you will need to upload some ID .

Step 3: Choosing Bitcoin Mining Contract

nowadays that you have funds in your Shamining bill, you will need to choose the narrow that you wish to invest in .
how to use Shamining
If you ’ ra uncertain which contract is best for you, Shamining offers a handy calculator. Once you ’ ve selected a suitable sign, snap on the ‘ Buy ’ push button and confirm the investment .

Step 4: Earn Passive Income

equally soon as you confirm the mining sign via your Shamining score, you will automatically start earning passive income. The Bitcoin tokens that you earn will be deposited into your account .
You are welcome to request a withdrawal at any given fourth dimension. With that said, some investors will use their rewards to buy new contracts. This is a good option if you are looking to benefit from intensify increase .

Is Mining the Best Way to Make Money with Crypto?

AqruWe briefly explained earlier that in the grand scheme of things, there are much better ways to earn passive income from cryptocurrencies when compared to Bitcoin mining.

  • After all, when you invest via a cloud mining website, your ROI is largely dependent on the market value of the respective digital currency.
  • If the market value drops, then you might be operating at a loss. Furthermore, and perhaps most importantly, the Bitcoin cloud mining industry is filled with scammers.
  • In many cases, the mining website will just be a front to deceive you into depositing your cryptocurrencies. And, when you do, you will likely never see the tokens again.

We briefly explained earlier that in the deluxe scheme of things, there are a lot better ways to earn passive income from cryptocurrencies when compared to Bitcoin mine. This is why we much prefer crypto savings accounts offered by reputable platforms like, Aqru, and BlockFi. The aforesaid platforms have a bang-up repute in this space and enable you to earn concern on your cryptocurrency deposits. There are respective yields and lock-up terms on volunteer – therefore most investor profiles should be catered for .
earn interest at Aqru
To give you an estimate of what ’ south on offer, Aqru allows you to earn 7 % per year on Bitcoin and Ethereum deposits in a baffle environment .
furthermore, Aqru crypto interest accounts do not come with any lock-up terms, so you can request a withdrawal whenever you see fit .
You then have, which offers an APY of up to 14.5 %. The specific APY will depend on which token you wish to deposit and how long you are happy to keep the funds locked aside. allows you to boost your APY by staking its native nominal – CRO .
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Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection.


Bitcoin mining is nobelium longer profitable for the average Joe due to the extremely high costs associated with buying ASIC hardware and consuming huge amounts of energy .
With that said, cloud mining websites have opened up the doors to investors on a budget – not least because there is no prerequisite to buy any specialist hardware devices .
however, many cloud mining sites are nothing short of a scam, and even then – you might be operating at a loss if the value of the respective cryptocurrency drops .
This is why we much prefer crypto savings account providers like Aqru. This licensed platform offers APYs of 7 % on Bitcoin and Ethereum and 12 % on stablecoins – with no lock-up term in position .

Visit Aqru immediately
Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection.

FAQs on Bitcoin Mining Sites

What is Bitcoin mining?

Bitcoin miners validate transactions on the net to ensure that it remains decentralized. Every 10 minutes, a new forget will be validated by a miner – which contains a tranch of transactions. .

How does Bitcoin mining work??

Bitcoin miners will connect specialist ASIC hardware to the blockchain net. then, the hardware will attempt to solve a highly complex equality before other miners. If successful, the miner will receive a wages of 6.25 BTC for validating the block of transactions for that 10-minute time period. In addition to hardware, this besides requires Bitcoin mine software .

What is the best Bitcoin mining site?

We found that Shamining is the overall best Bitcoin mine web site, not least because the platform doesn ’ t ask you to buy specialist ASIC hardware. alternatively, you just need to deposit funds into its crypto mine software via your network browser .

Can I mine Bitcoin for free?

No, there will always be costs involved when mining for Bitcoin. not lone in terms of buying the command hardware but the huge levels of energy that mining demands .

What cryptos can you mine other than Bitcoin?

Yes, there are many other crypto tokens that you can mine. This includes everything from Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dash to Dogecoin, Decred, and Zcash .

How do I start mining Bitcoin?

Unless you are looking to invest a 6-figure sum into a fully-functional rig, then you are better off starting with a obscure mine site. This simply requires you to open an account with the supplier, deposit funds, and invest in a mine contract of your choose .

How does bitcoin mining use fossil fuels??

Miners are required to solve highly complex mathematical equations. And in change by reversal, the complexity of each equality requires a huge amount of electricity. Baring in take care that globally, we are however heavily reliant on fossil fuels, Bitcoin mine is not environmentally-friendly in its stream form .

How much can you make mining Bitcoin?

Miners that are able to successfully solve a block will earn rewards of 6.25 BTC .

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