The Unexpected Parallels Between Dating and Angel Investing

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Startup investors are not looking for mediocre companies. They ’ re looking for that one investment with the potential to chart their professional and fiscal future. In speculation capital, “ unicorn ” is a terminus used to describe a privately held startup company with a measure of over $ 1 billion. It ’ s kind of like “ the one ”. however, unlike dating, capturing the investments that change your animation is often accomplished through a structured, strategic approach to sourcing the right opportunities. here are some other ways dating and angel endow are similar. If we applied the lapp sum of think, aim plant and straight-up strategy to both ventures, there ’ s a good chance you ’ ll have better prospects in both .

It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

For most people, das kapital is finite. This means we inherently understand that there ’ s a sealed tempo at which we can pursue investment opportunities before we burn out on cash. This mathematical “ restriction ” forces investors to be methodical about building a portfolio and sustainably spend money and attempt over ampere much time as it takes. For some argue, date is much the reverse. It ’ s comfortable to become thwart, impatient or even bitter when the third base foremost date of the month is a female chest.

Great angel investors develop a method acting, time horizon and thesis for investing and enjoy the action over clock time. not a severe strategy for finding a life sentence partner .

Practice makes perfect.

very few investors get to see ROI mighty away. Investing is like learning a lyric, which means you ’ re going you might be confused at foremost. Developing a network, community and understanding around the procedure of investing has been proven to develop consolation and confidence in the summons. There is a strong, repeatable framework for investing that provides outsize returns for VC pros. What ’ s your hard repeatable framework for meeting people that might tick the boxes for you ? Related: Getting Started With Angel Investing

It’s an art and a science.

Any investor who tells you they know how to pick winners every meter may not be telling you the solid truth. The risk versus advantage matrix in startup invest is all over the place. There ’ s an equivocal come of skill, intention and luck that brings investors close to their investment goals. And the same is true about dating. Don ’ t go overboard on a date system, principle or action. Let the magic trick happen when it can, but make sure you have a solid foundation .

It’s a resource-heavy pursuit.

Meeting the proper match takes time and money. This is true in inauguration invest barely like it is in dating. Rushing the summons can mean brushing past life-changing opportunities, and it can besides mean breaking the savings bank for the sake of expedience. The hard truth is that you can ’ metric ton put a timer on these things, so keep your focus on the long game. Related: 7 Keys to Authentically Investing in Diverse Start-ups

Matchmaking works.

Offloading certain elements of dating is not a new concept. In some cultures, matchmaking goes back more than 2400 years.

The precede of modern matchmaking in relationships is focused on saving you time and accelerating your path to a boundless partnership with a significant other. The same is true in investing. You can meet a thousand founders to find the right meet, or you can trust the experts to filter the best ones for you. Working with the right partner can accelerate the process. Be patient and be haunting. At the end of the day, we ’ re looking for a unicorn — in wealth and love. Related: The Growth of Sustainable Investing

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