David Gardner Stock Picks and Discounts 2022 Revealed

David Gardner Stock Picks

As an investor, you want to beat the market with specific stock picks. You want to buy the company stocks that go up in the long to reach your goals. It sounds quite simple to archive, but your decision is only one part of the whole investment circle. Your profitability entirely depends on the business growth and vision of the company that you have selected.

It is a matter of fact that you cannot win with every stock, and you do not have to win with every stock. You can make a profit if more than 50% of your stock picks are more profitable than the other 50%. If two of your stocks grow 100%+, one loses 50%, and two fluctuate around your entry point, well, you still made money.

But as a beginner, it can be a huge challenge to pick the right stocks right from the start. You might have a good understanding of how to read balance sheets and how a company’s share price typically reacts to news. But isn’t it a great thing to have a stock advisor on your side? Someone who knows the financial markets inside out, someone with a proven track record and multiple stock picks performed with 100% and more?

This is where David Gardner stock picks comes into play, and he can help you beat the market.

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David Gardner Stock PicksDavid Gardner Stock Picks

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What Is David Gardner Stock Picks

David Gardner and his brother Tom started their company Motley Fool back in the 90s. They started like many other stock picking services to help traders and investors to find and buy great stocks like Amazon and Apple before they make a move to the upside. And it worked. David’s and Tom Gardners stock pick services The Motley Fools Stock Advisor and The Motley Fool Rule Breakers beat the market performance since inception by a couple of hundred percent.

Tom, David and their team chose a company every week. But they do not just select a company by guessing what would work. It is a complex due diligence process that includes a high-quality assessment of the companies’ key financial figures, potential, and competitor analysis. As a private investor, you would probably struggle to do the same since you first need to learn how to look at the market, how to interpret it correctly and finally, you would need to choose the right company.

David Garnder stock picks and Tom Gardner stock picks come to your inbox every Thursday, and subscribers have a 30-day membership refund option by using the discount links below.

How To Beat The Market With David And Tom

It is always easy to say that your stock picks will beat the stock market. But how effective are you as a beginner investor? Tom and David Gardner already have an excellent track record, and 187 of their stock recommendations grew by more than 100% since the inception of the Motley Fool Stock Advisor newsletter.

Stock Advisor PerformanceStock Advisor Performance

The average Motley Fool Stock Advisor recommendations have returned over 577%. They picked Amazon, Disney, and Netflix at the right time, and those companies grow further and further.

Last year they picked some stock that performed by more than 100% again. In February 2020, they added Tesla (TSLA) to their portfolio again, and in the first 11 months, the stock moved +700% higher. This performance is a valid argument for why investing $89 for a 12-month subscription is worth it.

Best David Gardner Stock Picks

Here are the top 10 best performing David Gardner stock picks:

  • Netflix (NFLX): Up 18,000%
  • Amazon (AMZN): Up 15,000%
  • MercadoLibre (MELI): Up 11,000%
  • Tesla (TSLA): Up 9,000%
  • Shopify (SHOP): Up 5,000%
  • Salesforce (CRM): Up 3,000%
  • Intuitive Surgical (ISRG): Up 3,000%
  • Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG): Up 2,000%
  • Baidu (BIDU): Up 1,800%
  • Monster Beverage (MNST): Up 1,500%

Copy Trading Made Simple

The Stock Advisor service is easy to understand, and you can copy the stock advisor picks in just 5 minutes to tune up your stock portfolio. As a member, you gain access to the member dashboard, and you receive email updates if you want to. All starts with the expert analysis of companies and new investment trends by Tom, David and their team.

Once the Motley Fool analyst team did their work of picking stocks, investors receive the stock recommendations twice a month on Thursday. All members have access to the stock picks at the same time. This allows you to add the selected company immediately to your portfolio at a similar price to other investors.

And here is a great little detail that can give you even better returns. Motley Fool calculates the performance based on the closing price of a stock at the date when it gets picked. That means if you are fast and get the stock right after the investment newsletter comes to your inbox, then the price per share can be lower than the price per share at market close. It will not make a massive difference in the long-term, but some percent here and some percent there can cumulate to a meaningful amount.

Motley Fool Stock Advisor vs Motley Fool Rule Breakers

The investor and Motley Fool Co-Founder David Garnder also runs a second stock recommendation newsletter called Rule Breakers. Rule Breakers also has an excellent track record, and since inception, 172 stock recommendations performed with 100%+.

Like Stock Advisor, Rule Breaker members also gain unlimited access to the member dashboard, expert stock recommendations, and historical data. Take a look at your trade desk and see all the high growth stocks that were chosen. The investment returns since inception are convincing, which makes both investment newsletters an excellent stock picking service.

The Motley Fool Rule Breakers is all about finding the next growth stock by analyzing and choosing the best stocks and picking one of them every two weeks on Thursday. The Motley Fool team focuses on innovation leaders in emerging sectors and companies with a high business momentum.

Motley Fool checks if the management team acts strong and if strong investors are behind the company. Only the best companies with the highest potential are chosen before subscribers receive the buy recommendation.

Both services, Stock Advisor and Rule Breakers, send two stock recommendations to subscribers every month. And it works like this:

David Gardner stock picks and Tom Gardner stock recommendations are released every Thursday. That means that when on the first Thursday of a month, a Motley Fool Stock Advisor recommendation was revealed, on the next Thursday after that, the Motley Fool Rule Breakers stock recommendation will be revealed.

As a subscriber, you get an email every week with a clear announcement when the next buy alert and stock pick will be released. The Fool team ensures that you get what you pay for and the stock picks for the best stocks come straight to your inbox.

Is It Worth It to Subscribe to The Motley Fool Services?

David Gardner and Tom Gardner have long-term success with their newsletters Stock Advisor and Rule Breakers.


  • Transparency abou the stock picks and history
  • Straightforward communication with an easy to follow guidance
  • Access to the member dashboard with valuable information like the best stocks to buy, starter stocks for the portfolio, all exact dates and news.

Subscribers can create a virtual portfolio and discover the stock picks since its inception. The investment returns are convincing, and the stock market is an excellent way to invest. The research for growth stocks is one part of the companies investment principles.

It is important to understand that the services are for long-term stock portfolios and investors with an investment horizon of 5 years, 10 years, or even longer. Instead of adding one stock or 5 stocks to the investment portfolio, the idea is to have a diversified portfolio. Even if earnings reports of some companies lead to some losses in one specific stock, the full portfolio should grow, and that’s why it is crucial to diversify a portfolio.

The stock market is here for decades, and it has proven to offer the highest rewards for those investing in stocks. Sometimes the market tanks, which is pretty normal, but right now, we run from one all-time-high to the next. And while investing in ETFs is also a conservative way of investing, a stock pick can bring in a higher reward since you do not have to pay any fees.

These days commission-free trading is possible with any leading broker. And following Motley Fools guidance costs only about 5 minutes of your time each week when a new stock pick is released. Therefore you either go the route to invest days or weeks in research and a stock picking due diligence process, or you follow two of the best investors of the last decade for a moderate price:

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