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The objectives and field of operations of the Company are as follows:

A. To purchase, lease or otherwise acquire real estates directly or indirectly relating to the objectives and subject-matter of the Company together with all rights thereon in connection of use thereof including establishing any lien thereon and renting out the same, and to sell any redundant real estates,

B. To construct, purchase and operate all facilities and equipment inland and abroad whether by itself or by establishing partnerships to that end, which are necessary or relating to the manufacture of any type, nature and size of iron and steel rolling products, alloyed or pure iron, steel and pig cast iron, cast and press products as well as inputs and byproducts necessary for the manufacture thereof,

C. To purchase, lease or otherwise acquire other raw materials, derivatives as well as any type and nature of mineral ores that are directly or indirectly necessary for the manufacture and production of the products as indicated in the subparagraph (B) above, and to discover, explore, extract, process and produce mines,

D. To purchase, construct, establish and operate any facilities and equipment that are directly or indirectly necessary for the further process and use of the byproducts, wastes, and scraps obtained at any process or stage of the products or processes as indicated in subparagraphs (B) and (C) above,

E. To establish generating plants and generate electric and heat energy, mainly for the purpose of meeting its own needs for electric and heat energy within the auto producer license (the production license to be issued in place of auto producer license as per Provisional Article 7 of Electricity Market Law No.6446), in accordance with the legislations relating to the Electricity Market and, in case of surplus generation, to sell generated electric and heat energy and/or capacity to other legal entities having the pertinent license and free consumers within the framework of the said legislations, and to engage in such activities relating to obtain all equipment and fuels necessary for the electric generating plants, provided that such activities shall not be of commercial nature,

F. To establish Research Centers, and to provide national and international laboratory services of any kind as well as training and consultancy services,

G. To operate ports and piers by constructing, purchasing and landing them for the purpose of shipping the products and supplying the inputs inland and abroad, and to provide pilotage, marine towing, storage and transportation services by letting other individuals and companies use such ports and piers, and to engage in land and sea transport activities inland and abroad or to establish separate companies and/or partnerships to that end,

H. To perform any kind of financial, commercial and industrial procedures directly or indirectly relating to the foregoing including but without limited to the below mentioned authorities,

I. To carry out borrowing, financing and cash management procedures and use any kind of risk management instruments by means of using any kind of money and capital market instruments in terms of Turkish Lira and/or foreign currencies inland or abroad without being limited to certain amounts for or in connection with any of the subject of the activity of the Company, provided that such transactions shall not be qualified as the investment services and activities,

J. Save for all rights vested to the Group A by virtue of article 22 hereof, to lend and receive deeds and/or bank letters of guarantee as security in connection with any field of operation of the Company, provided that this shall not be contrary to the legislations relating to lending procedures; to establish current accounts; to provide pecuniary, noncash or personal guarantees for the financial liabilities of third parties, provided that the Company shall make necessary disclosures in accordance with the procedures set forth by the Capital Market Board,

K. To carry out all procedures relating to its own interests in accordance with provisions of articles 379 and 382 of the Turkish Commercial Code and the other relevant provisions,

L. To participate and purchase domestic or foreign companies which engage in the production or consumption of iron and steel products or which directly or indirectly provided services in respect thereof inland and abroad, or to establish new companies to that end, provided that the provisions of the Capital Market Law regarding regulations on hidden profit transfer shall be reserved,

M. To provide its personnel with training both in Turkey and foreign countries so that they have technical knowledge and skills in various specialization areas of the iron and steel industry; to establish training facilities and provide training and consultancy services,

N. To make license, know-how and similar agreements with domestic and foreign companies; to participate in tenders and commitments in respect of establishment of factories, and to purchase or sell information and technology,

O. To construct/cause to be constructed pipe lines and facilities for the purpose of purchasing, selling, storing and distributing natural gas,

P. To perform any kind of corporate activities and procedures both in Turkey and foreign countries, which are directly or indirectly relating to the field of operation of the Company, in accordance with the pertinent laws,

R. To act and to grant rights others to act as a representative office, agency, distributor, authorized dealer; and to receive and give commission, in connection with its objectives and field of activity,

S. To acquire, use, lease, rent out, transfer and sell authorizations, permits, patents, patent rights, trademark rights, licenses and royalties as well as any kind of industrial and/or intellectual property rights in connection with its objectives and field of activity, and to take and give mortgages thereon,

T. To purchase, lease, take over and transfer and dispose of any kind of land, air and sea transport vehicles in order to achieve its objectives and fields of activity, and to sell the surplus quantity thereof. To engage in any kind of activity directly or indirectly relating to the objectives and fields of operation as set forth hereinabove;

U. To carry out Engineering and Architectural activities for any kind of studies, calculations, designs and technical drawings relating to the projects for which the Company may be in need in relation with its subjects of activity; and to follow up the implementation thereof;

V. Providing that it is not contrary to the regulations of Capital Market Law, governing hidden profit transfer and the provisions of other relevant legislation, the necessary special condition statements are made and the donations made within the year are presented to the information of the shareholders in the general assembly, the company may make any donation and provide any support in a way that does not hinder its own objective and activity scope.

Without prejudice to the rights granted to Group A under Article 22 herein, the Company may also engage in other activities other than those listed herein, which are related to its scope of activity or which the company will deem useful for its scope of activity on the condition that the company fulfills the requirements provided for within the frame of the legislation and such activities are not contrary to the legislation.

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