Ethiopia renewable energy potentials and current state

  • Ethiopia is endowed with abundant renewable energy resources, which can meet the ambitions of nationwide electrification. However, in spite of all its available potentials the country energy sector is still in its infancy stage. The majority of Ethiopia population lives in the rural area without access to modern energy and relied solely on traditional biomass energy sources. Nowadays Ethiopia has one of the lowest electricity consumption per capita in Africa. Recognizing that energy access and security are a crucial factor to economic growth; Ethiopia needs to cope with key challenges related to energy security and diversification of energy supply. This paper provides a comprehensive and extensive review of renewable energy potentials in Ethiopia. Further, current state of renewable energy resources is described and existing energy policies are articulated. Various policies, that could possibly promote energy technology use in a rural Ethiopia, are proposed. Finally, this paper helps the researchers as well as the government officials to find the better renewable energy technology to meet rural community energy demand; by raising awareness of the country energy potentials and current state of renewable energy, along with proposing pragmatic recommendations.

    Citation: Ashebir Dingeto Hailu, Desta Kalbessa Kumsa. Ethiopia renewable energy potentials and current state[J]. AIMS Energy, 2021, 9(1): 1-14. doi: 10.3934/energy.2021001

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