Primo Invesments, LLC | Hotel Managment, Fort Mill, SC

Jayanti “JC” Patel

President and Founder

JC has utilized over 30 years of experience in the cordial reception diligence to cultivate seven businesses from a single start up in 1979. As an entrepreneur, his sectors of expertness scope from operations to renovations and new development. Through effective business strategies, creativity and an alone imagination, JC has been able to grow a single business into millions in annual tax income .

Hitesh Patel

Chief Development Officer

determination, doggedness and perseverance are characteristics upon which Hitesh prides himself. Prior to establishing Primo Investments, he was extensively involved in finance and veridical estate. With over 15 years of experience in the hotel industry, Hitesh is responsible for future growth of Primo Investments. His function includes overseeing financials and leading the company in advanced designs and expansion. Furthermore, Hitesh is accountable for directing all raw developments and acquisitions .

Freda Smart

Administrative Assistant

Freda joined the team at Primo Investments in 2010. With more than 10 years of know in the cordial reception industry, Freda has acquired skills to provide executive support through management, trail and streamlining processes .


Task Force Manager

Rupa is responsible for assessing the overall health of the Primo Management. Born into the diligence, she is able to leverage her appraisal and develop strategies to optimize the functionality of the ship’s company. Rupa is responsible for support in areas of need to continue operational efficiencies and to create a standard of excellence that supports the overall future growth of Primo Investments.

Michael Williams

Corporate Compliance Audit

As Corporate Compliance Officer, Michael assures that all assets stand by to Primo Investments ’ corporate standards of account and report, human resources, information technology and operation. With 25 years of management have, Michael is a veteran of the Hospitality and IT diligence ; each day, using that experience to breakdown data and identify electric potential risks and opportunities to protect our investors.

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Collin Northcutt

Corporate Director of Operations

Collin Northcutt has closely a decade of cordial reception leadership experience primarily in full service convention hotels and F & B operations. Mr. Northcutt has been instrumental in design & construction, renovation, and new concept development roles in boutique housing and experiential boom for 6 years. He has been successful in implementing processes, auditing financials, and onboarding and developing samara team members. Prior to Collin ‘s entrance into the cordial reception industry, he owned one of the lead performance design firms in the country catering to the movie, television receiver, and be entertainment diligence .

Darlene Ellman

Corporate Director of Sales

Darlene joined Primo Investments in 2021 as the Director of Sales. With 15 years experience in hotel sales, she has worked for many brands such as Choice, IHG, Wyndham, Marriott, and Hilton. Darlene ’ sulfur main objective is to obtain fresh business in the marketplace, cultivate new and existing relationships with surrounding companies and clients, and most importantly to ensure that all portfolio ’ s meet or exceed budget goals .

Samantha Powell

Corporate Staff Accountant

Samantha joined Primo Investments in 2020 as Staff Accountant. She has 7 years of experience in the structure and cordial reception industries. She has oversee construction and operational budgets for assorted hotel brands such as Marriott, Hilton, and Hyatt. Her experience allows her to focus on the company ’ s fiscal mentality with preciseness and proactive measures .

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