Far Eastern Federal University

Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU)

is a unique intellectual community. Based at a campus with world-class infrastructure, our faculty provide innovative educational and research opportunities. FEFU is a gathering place for scientific communication between Russian and international experts, and is an active participant in both socio-economic and cultural development of the Russian Far East. The University’s location and personnel offer unique opportunities for collaboration with leading research, education and innovative centers across the Asia-Pacific region, where FEFU has established itself as a global leader in science and innovation. FEFU is comprised of nine schools, providing a choice of over 150 educational programs in promising areas of technological development, overseen by faculty and staff capable of implementing large-scale projects important to the region’s economy.

The University was founded on the principle of integrating two models: the modern research university, participating in an international exchange of the most advanced research and expertise, and the entrepreneurial university, providing the training for competitively developing sectors of the national economy.

These goals are met at our single-campus University, which includes the recreational opportunities of Russky Island’s forests and comfortable, safe 800,000 square meter campus as a space for creative thinking and meaningful communication. Thanks to the innovative nature of FEFU’s educational and research centers, the flexible organization of training activities, the a wide range of educational programs based on standards set by the world’s leading universities, and a faculty trained and versed in creating small innovative enterprises, the university occupies a worthy position in the international rankings. In accordance with the University’s Development Program, FEFU expects that by 2019 it will enter the top three hundred universities in the world, as ranked by the internationally recognized QS Quacquarelli Symonds educational specialists. 

FEFU participates in the 5top100 Academic Excellence Project, which is designed to stimulate emergence of Russia’s new advanced university leaders with effective management structure and international academic reputation, capable of setting the development trends of the international higher education industry.

FEFU Alumni Association is an organization that brings together FEFU alumni of all generations.

FEFU Endowment Foundation is one of the largest endowments amongst the Russian federal universities, which was established to promote relations of the University with the industry and alumni.


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