Fruit Juice Exports Will Exceed 450 Million Dollars

Organized by the Fruit Juice Industry Association (MEYED), the international Juiceful Istanbul Summit, the most important annual meeting of the industry, took place on Thursday, September 22, 2022 at Renaissance Polat Istanbul Hotel. Making a speech at the event, MEYED Chairman of the Board Ozan Diren stated that Turkey’s fruit juice exports approached half a billion dollars and produced a foreign trade surplus of 95 percent and said, “If the right agricultural policies and industry dynamics are provided, our industry’s One Billion Dollar export target will be reached in the near future. We believe he will do it,” he said.

Juiceful Istanbul Summit 2022, organized by MEYED (Fruit Juice Industry Association) and having an important place in the international calendar of the industry as well as being the most important annual meeting of the industry, was held at Renaissance Polat Istanbul Hotel on Thursday, September 22, 2022. At the summit, which brought together the stakeholders of the fruit juice industry with more than 200 local and foreign participants, 15 speeches and presentations were made by representatives of institutions from Turkey and abroad.

Speaking at the opening of the event, MEYED Secretary General İpek İşbitiren said: “We took a 2010-year mandatory break from our summits, which we have been organizing since 2, due to the Pandemic. After this break, MEYED once again brought together the stakeholders of our industry, which benefits agriculture, economy, environment and nutrition.”

Making a speech at the event, MEYED Chairman of the Board Ozan Diren stated that Turkey’s fruit juice exports showed a good increase and said, “We foresee 2022 exports of fruit juice in Turkey to be over 450 million dollars. Our fruit juice exports regularly increase in the band of 20-25 percent every year with the intense efforts of our industry. More importantly, our industry, which produces and exports with domestic inputs, is at a very advanced level in net exports, and our exports, which have reached the level of half a billion dollars, consistently yield a foreign trade surplus of 95 percent. Our industry, which produces such a high economic value, provides significant benefits to agriculture and development by purchasing from one million farmers in Turkey. Fruit juice, whose benefits in terms of human nutrition are accepted all over the world, is one of the rare industries that have a carbon negative structure in the value chain from the garden to the glass, and it also benefits the environment. Ozan Diren, Chairman of the Board of Directors of MEYED, added that the Fruit Juice Industry invests up to $5 million in R&D on an annual basis and provides direct employment to approximately 100 thousand people.

Target Exports Over 1 Billion Dollars

Stating that the global market for fruit juice is at the level of approximately 17 billion dollars, Ozan Diren said, “According to ITC data, Turkey’s place in this market, which is realized as branded exports and raw material intermediates, rose from 2017th in 17 to 2020th in 12. We maintained the same rank in 2021. On the other hand, we aim even more for our country. In addition to its competitive structure, our industry is also in a respected place in the world in areas such as technical knowledge, engineering, R&D, technology and machinery. Our fruit variety, which is a sustainable natural wealth of our country, carries our competitive power even further. We have set ourselves an export target of 1 Billion Dollars and we believe that if the right agricultural policies and industrial dynamics are provided, we will achieve this target in the near future, and we continue our efforts in this direction with determination. Our longer-term goal is to increase Turkey’s share of the global market to the level of 10 percent.”

MEYED Chairman of the Board of Directors Ozan Diren continued his words as follows: “Another target of our industry, which evaluates about 10 percent of fruit production in our country as raw materials, is the forecast that consumption and exports will increase, and this ratio gradually reaches 20 percent or even 30s. is to remove. This means a market guarantee for Turkish fruit producers. On the other hand, our industry derives its export power from its position in the domestic market. Despite the fact that they are agricultural products, the SCT application for nectar and fruit drink categories also has a share in the relatively low consumption in the domestic market. The SCT application negatively affects nectars, which is the most consumed category in our country. The exemption of Nectars, which usually contain 50 percent fruit, from SCT application facilitates sales in the domestic market, supports the growth of a nutritious product with a higher fruit rate, and with the resources to be created from here, products can be bought more easily, stored more easily, and more resources are created for export. This will benefit the sector as well as consumers, the country’s agriculture and economy.”

At the opening of the summit, MEYED Founding President Prof. Dr. Aziz Ekşi also came to the podium and gave a speech on the importance of the industry.

The first presentation at the summit was made by FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) Deputy Representative of Turkey Dr. Ayşegül Selışık performed it. Stating that FAO focuses on the transformation of food production systems in the quartet ‘Better Production, Better Nutrition, Better Environment, Better Agriculture’ in the face of threats such as access to food and climate crisis, Dr. Ayşegül Selışık gave information on the reflections of current global developments on the fruit juice industry.

Another speaker of the summit, FutureBright Group Founder Akan Abdula focused on macroeconomic indicators and sociological dynamics in his presentation titled ‘The Bottom Waves in Consumption in Turkey’; He shared his predictions for the future.

Nielsen IQ Beverage Industry leader Esra Doyduk, on the other hand, explained the change and transformation journey in FMCG and Fruit Juice market trends with numbers in her presentation at the summit.

Making the final presentation in the morning sessions of the summit, Fruit Juice Science Center Director Dr. Carrie Ruxton focused on where misconceptions about fruit juice, a product with scientifically proven benefits, originate and how they can be overcome.

At the Juiceful Istanbul Summit 2022 summit, Döhler Business Development Manager Khalid Sedraoui, who made the first presentation after the lunch break, gave information about the global opportunities in front of Turkey from a sectoral perspective.

Escon Enerji CEO Onur Ünlü, in his presentation titled ‘The First Fuel of Green Transformation: Energy Efficiency’, evaluated the energy efficiency issue, which is at the forefront of the world’s agenda, in terms of food, agriculture and fruit juice industries.

Melis Yasa Aytaman, Aromsa Deputy General Manager for R&D, Marketing and Technical Sales and Member of the Board of Directors, conveyed the functional benefit and transformation-oriented innovation agenda of the fruit juice industry in her presentation at the summit.

Tetra Pak Marketing Manager Müge Göksel made a presentation on the changes in consumer trends and the opportunities they offer to the industry.

GEA Group Turkey Liquid Technologies Sales Manager Erdal Gavas discussed sugar reduction technologies in fruit juices and beverages in his presentation.

Another speaker at Juiceful Istanbul Summit 2022, Borusan Lojistik Hizmetleri CEO Serdar Erçal said the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has affected the whole world, on world trade and supply chain yesterday (2020-2021), today (2022-2023) and tomorrow. (2025-2030) evaluated in the perspective.

John Collins, Managing Director of IFU (World Fruit and Vegetable Juices Association), who is among the foreign guests of Juiceful Istanbul Summit 2022, conveyed the outlook of the fruit juice industry from their own perspectives in a presentation titled ‘Global Knowledge Sharing’.

Making the last presentation at the summit together, AIJN (European Fruit Juice Association) Secretary General Wouter Lox and Sustainability and Technical Affairs Manager Justine Pradels provided up-to-date information about the European market, which has a high share in our exports, from the perspective of European Union Legislation Developments.

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