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GE T&D India Limited

GE T&D is the listed entity of GE’s Grid Solutions business in India. With over 100 years of presence in India, GE T&D India is a leading player in the power transmission and distribution business. The company provides a versatile and robust range of solutions for connecting and evacuating power from generations sources onto the grid, providing utilities with the tools needed to support the increase in demand swiftly. GE T&D India offers products ranging from medium voltage to ultra-high voltage (1200 kV) for power generation, transmission and distribution industry.

GE T&D India has a predominant presence in all stages of the power supply chain and offers a wide range of products and related services that include power transformers, circuit breakers, gas insulated switchgears, instrument transformers, substation automation equipment, digital software solutions, turnkey solutions for substation engineering and construction, Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS), High Voltage DC (HVDC) and maintenance support.

With 6 manufacturing sites, GE T&D India is future ready to meet the industry’s growing demand for grid equipment and services. GE is focused towards introducing green and digital solutions aimed at making the Indian grid smarter, resilient and environment friendly.

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