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Poland is among the leading IT markets in Europe, fuelled by rapid economic development and a rise in consumer spending. Significant foreign investments and recent rounds of funding from the EU have bolstered the country’s IT sector, upgrading digital infrastructures and government systems.

HCL’s global delivery center in Krakow was established in 2007. It works with several Fortune 500 firms, primarily offering multilingual global technical support. Today, we assist more than 35 customers in 18 different languages, aided by the following:

  • ALT ASM™: It encourages Proactive Obsolescence. While most vendors extend ongoing ASM engagements, we focus on eradicating maintenance needs. This minimal-waste model has achieved ‘ZERO Incident’ status for many of our customers
  • Employees First: Our unique management strategy is built on trust and transparency, empowering our frontline employees to innovate 
  • Relationship Beyond the Contract: Technology is constantly evolving, often making even the best contracts appear outdated or ill-conceived, necessitating relationships that go beyond the contract. Beyond cost optimization or operational efficiency, HCL delivers “relevant” business value in real time and in-sync with market dynamics  

HCL has won wide acclaim for contributing to Poland’s business and social objectives:

  • HCL Europe’s Customer Advisory Council: It brings together clients and industry peers, aligning solutions to localized requirements. The Council has received the Forrester Groundswell Award in the B2B category for fostering trust and reliability
  • Employment opportunities creation: With investments in training for specialized, next-gen technologies, HCL helps local communities encourage grass-root innovation. Our presence has grown from just a few employees to a culturally diverse workforce, employing over 1575 professionals from 50 nationalities
  • Commitment to market growth: HCL’s Class-A GDC in Krakow business park leverages state of the art facilities for end-to-end services. Our partnership network has steadily grown, spanning HR, universities, real estate, infrastructure, and legal firms
  • Industry-best management practices: HCL is Poland’s 59th most desirable place to work, says a leading IT firm in the region

*Data as of July 28, 2021

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