Best Crypto YouTube Channels

YouTube is a great resource for anyone looking to learn more about crypto. But which crypto YouTube channels are the best ? Keep reading to find out .

No count your experience degree with cryptocurrency, there ‘s constantly more to know.

YouTube is a great option for keeping up with the latest crypto news, including :

  • Tracking sentiment around Bitcoin and Ethereum
  • Learning about the hottest altcoins
  • Getting market analysis, and
  • Seeing developments in the business and technology that support crypto

so, who ‘s worth subscribing to ? In this list, review some of the best crypto YouTube channels to find the one that suits your dash .

Best Crypto YouTube Channels

This number is ordered by number of subscribers, but do n’t let that be the alone measured you look at. You should besides consider what sort of host you ‘d most identify with. Plus, calculate out whether you ‘re looking for newsworthiness, investing advice, interviews, or technical psychoanalysis .
last, consider the average distance of their videos to find a subject godhead that can best suit your agenda .

1. Coin Bureau

Hosts Guy, the Crypto guy
Style Well-produced and informative
Number of Episodes Over 540
Average Episode Length 20 minutes
Subscribers 1.92m

What is it?
Hosted by Guy, the Crypto guy, Coin Bureau produces polished video to help you expand your crypto cognition .
With over 1.6 million subscribers, Coin Bureau is one most wide viewed crypto YouTube channels out there. Viewers enjoy Guy ‘s video for his down-to-earth persona and depth of crypto cognition. He ‘s besides backed by a production team that makes certain each video looks capital and is chockablock of useful contentedness .
With over 540 videos, there ‘s enough to watch. Videos may cover weekly newsworthiness, market analysis, top picks for assorted coins to invest in, reviews of cards, wallets, and platforms, vitamin a well as tons of educational content .
Whether you ‘re looking to start learning about crypto for the first meter or to keep up with the latest trends, this distribution channel has plenty to offer .
Who’s it best for?
Crypto enthusiasts of all levels .
Sample episode titles

  • Top Crypto Picks For 2021: MASSIVE Potential!!
  • Binance: Complete Beginner’s Guide + Fee DISCOUNT
  • Ethereum vs. Cardano: Which is BEST?!

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2. BitBoy Crypto

Hosts Ben Armstrong
Style Energetic and highly produced
Number of Episodes Over 2,400
Average Episode Length 5 minutes to 1 hour
Subscribers 1.45m

What is it?
BitBoy Crypto is fun, highly produced, and well—a snatch weird. But in a thoroughly way. If you want to be entertained while learning the latest crypto news ( which is heavy on the market updates ), then BitBoy Crypto might be for you .
The host, Ben Armstrong, has big energy—the voice and demeanor of a sports announcer or a Wall Street TV personality. The testify features full sets and stages, a heavy venereal disease of edit, and members of the BitBoy team chiming in while Ben delivers marketplace updates and chats with the audience from the livestream .
Videos range from short circuit clips where the country of the market is sung along with alive piano music, to streams that cover a rate of topics that can last for over an hour .
Who’s it best for?
Crypto enthusiasts looking for high-energy entertainment with their commercialize stats .
Sample episode titles

  • The Latest XRP News (MOST Explosive Crypto of 2021)
  • Bitcoin & Crypto In Dangerous Territory (Was $70k the Top?)
  • Bitcoin Takes On The Banks (NFT Censorship Rampant)

3. Altcoin Daily

Hosts Aaron & Austin Arnold
Style Smart conversations about news and market updates
Number of Episodes Over 1,500
Average Episode Length 15 minutes to 1 hour
Subscribers 1.21m

What is it?
Altcoin Daily is a popular crypto YouTube channel hosted by brothers Aaron and Austin Arnold. This show aims to bring you the best crypto information without getting tied up in flashy graphics and gimmicky capacity .
Along with their guests ( like Ben from BitBoy ), Aaron and Austin talk about what they see for the future of different coins, platforms, and projects in the cryptocurrency world .
While they ‘re identical well-defined to remind listeners that they are n’t giving fiscal advice, the indicate can provide utilitarian penetration for traders searching for the future big altcoin to invest in .
Most of their videos are on the shorter side, coming in at the 10- to 15-minute range, but every now and then they do produce hour-long capacity .
Who’s it best for?
Serious crypto enthusiasts interested in keeping up on news and market trends .
Sample episode titles

  • Hurry! How Efinity Will Onboard 100M+ People into The Crypto Metaverse (TIME SENSITIVE)
  • Jerome Powell About to Trigger Cryptocurrency Bull Run in December 2021 (Crypto News)

4. Benjamin Cowen

Hosts Benjamin Cowen
Style Deep technical analysis
Number of Episodes Over 1,300
Average Episode Length 10 to 15 minutes
Subscribers 705k

What is it?
Benjamin Cowen ‘s transmit is one for technical foul traders of crypto. Charts and analysis are the name of the bet on here, sol if you ‘re looking for a numbers-based border on to market report, this duct may be for you.

Because this channel is so concentrate on technical analysis, it ‘s not for everyone. But if you have a traditional finance background or want to learn how to interpret charts, then it ‘s worth a search. But you can always just watch to get Cowen ‘s technical insights .
Do n’t expect any flash, but Cowen is a adept communicator, easy to follow to the extent that you can understand the jargon .
Who’s it best for?
Technical investors in cryptocurrency and those with a background in traditional finance .
Sample episode titles

  • Bitcoin Macro Volatility
  • Ethereum Bull Market Support Band Update
  • Cardano Outlook

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5. CryptosRUs

Hosts George
Style Casual news and interviews
Number of Episodes Over 770
Average Episode Length 30 minutes to 1 hour
Subscribers 601k

What is it?
On the CryptosRUs channel, the host, George, provides a pretty laid-back approach to delivering the latest crypto news and talk about the movements of the market .
In his twice-daily live shows, there ‘s quite a spot of hearing interaction, and in many ways George comes off equally just another investor, albeit more experienced .
There ‘s a variety show of subject on the channel, including updates on crypto news, long-form answers to specific questions, interviews with important figures in the crypto space, and discussions of numerous altcoins .
Who’s it best for?
Crypto enthusiasts looking for a desegregate of investing advice and community interaction .
Sample episode titles

  • Charles Hoskinson Angry Over Cardano’s eToro Delisting
  • Bitcoin Holders Increase to New High
  • Bitcoin is Still on Track

6. The Moon

Hosts Carl Roegind
Style Fast-paced analysis
Number of Episodes Over 1,450
Average Episode Length 10 minutes
Subscribers 552k

What is it?
The Moon with Carl Roegind may appeal more to younger crypto enthusiasts—later millennials and Gen Z in especial. Carl is one of them, and he ‘s got the department of energy to match his age .
Which is n’t to say that he does n’t know what he ‘s talking about. He provides technical analysis and market news program in a way that ‘s fast-paced and easy to watch. Of all the hosts here, he feels the most like a classical “ YouTuber. ” He ‘s besides the founder of Kasta, a rival to .
Who’s it best for?
Younger crypto investors looking for tips from one of their own .
Sample episode titles


7. MMCrypto

Hosts Chris Jaszczynski
Style High-energy analysis
Number of Episodes Over 1,000
Average Episode Length 5 to 10 minutes
Subscribers 532k

What is it?
MMCrypto is big with Wall Street-guy energy. Host Chris Jaszczynski ‘s videos are short, normally between five and 10 minutes, but indeed backpack with contented that it ‘s hard to see how he has time to breathe .
The style is very unleash. Videos are filmed on his iPhone, and normally targeted at some specific market prediction or motion. While we ca n’t say whether his advice is commodity or not, it is reassuring to know that Jaszczynski discloses his unfold positions when he makes his analysis .
Who’s it best for?
Crypto enthusiasts looking for hype-filled, high-octane commercialize psychoanalysis .
Sample episode titles

  • BITCOIN & CRYPTO EXIT PLAN!!!!!! [99% will lose]
  • BITCOIN: DUMP BEFOFE HUGE PUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • BITCOIN!!!!! IT’s A TRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8. Lark Davis

Hosts Lark Davis
Style Calm and thoughtful news and analysis
Number of Episodes Over 1,700
Average Episode Length 15 to 20 minutes
Subscribers 485k

What is it?
Lark Davis ‘ usher provides induct contented at a act of a slower tempo. If you ‘re looking for a calm approach to crypto news program and market analysis, Lark Davis is worth checking out .
You ‘ll find a roll of matter to subject, including breakdowns of altcoins you may not have hear of equally well as coverage of the major coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Davis is besides knowing about crypto bet on protocols .
The majority of the contented on the channel is daily news reports on the state of the crypto earth. other contented on the channel includes interviews with people in the crypto space, regular Bitcoin news, reappraisal of specific altcoins, tips, and ICO reviews .
Who’s it best for?
Crypto enthusiasts looking for a calm approach to market news and coin analysis .
Sample episode titles

  • Best Crypto Altcoins I’m Buying Right Now!!!
  • HUGE Bitcoin News!
  • Crypto Mania Coming! Are You Ready to Get Rich?

Bottom Line

There you have it. The acme crypto YouTube channels. These are some of the biggest names, the most exciting personalities in the space, and any one of them is worth a follow .
We know that not every channel will be right for everyone, but no matter what you ‘re looking for, in terms of contentedness or manner of speaking, there ‘s surely to be something ( or more than one something ) for you.

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