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JoveLite, a Digital New Value-Investing Tool with the Characteristics of A-shares

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The world-famous investor Warren Buffett once said, “Life is like a snowball. The important thing is finding wet snow and a really long hill.”

“All investments are value investing,” said CharlieMunger, a renowned investor.

However, it is a difficult and pain point for individual investors to find wet snow and a really long hill and to identify a value depression in the fast-changing capital market with value investing methods. The simple and easy solutions brought about by AI fintech make it possible to resolve such issues. JoveLite, a digital tool for value investing created by GTCOM for individual investors, was released on May 21. The product is designed to comprehensively facilitate the upgrading and evolution of value investing to digital new value investing.


JoveLite, a digital new value-investing tool, is released

Digital Insight into the Panoramic Industrial Chain: Just Four Steps Needed to Focus on High-Quality Targets

The capital market is full of confidence in Moutai’s stock prices due to multiparty benefits. How can individual investors without much capital budget seize opportunities and obtain high income while facing the high-quality consumer liquor stock Moutai? All they need is to follow four simple steps: “Search the industry, study enterprises, compare targets and examine public sentiments.” Then, JoveLite can help focus on high-quality enterprises in the liquor industry, help investors judge the market pattern on a one-stop basis, search for industry leaders and calculate the industry’s top 10 on the basis of multidimensional indicators.


Users can employ JoveLite to search for liquor based on the industry that Moutai belongs to and intelligently calculate the position and level of an enterprise in the industry according to the market size, profit margin and profit growth rate in combination with users’ customized business weights. A list of target enterprises–including Kweichow Moutai, Wuliangye Yibin, Yanghe, Shanxi Fenjiu and Shunxin Agriculture–appears at the end of the display. Based on the target enterprises and according to product names or business labels, users can continue the inquiry, compare financial data, public sentiment risk and other information, find optimal companies in the liquor industry or identify better targets.


Individual investors can quickly identify high-quality enterprises of similar track

Moreover, JoveLite can start from an industrial perspective and rapidly locate competitive enterprises in the industrial chain. Benefiting from the wind of policy, “new infrastructure” has become a new favorite for investment. The prevailing policies in new energy vehicles, 5G construction and other new infrastructure areas have promoted the development of the lithium battery industry. With the help of JoveLite’s industrial chain search function, individual investors can acquire a rapid understanding of the upstream and downstream industry chain of lithium-ion batteries and the relevant stock list of all industrial nodes.

After screening and inquiry, it can be seen from the latest financial statement data that CATL, SUNWODA, DESAY and other listed companies all involve their business in lithium-ion batteries. Users can perform comprehensive comparisons and further analysis until the optimal investment target in the lithium-ion battery industry is identified.

With the growth of China’s securities market, the simple and irrational investment methods in the past are gradually replaced by rational investment concepts. The R&D of JoveLite relies on strong data resources and enterprise knowledge map, focuses on value mining and risk perception, and combines with multidimensional information such as industrial chain location and analyst’s opinions. Thus, JoveLite can analyze and digitally and visually present the value of an industry and enterprise. It helps the individual investor obtain a genuine appreciation for the use of value analysis so as to open the door to wealth for individual investors.

Create an Investment Research Tool with the Characteristics of A-shares and Accelerate the Localized Upgrading of Value Investing

Not only is the JoveLite tool configured for the digital empowering of value investing, but it’s also empowered for investment-research with the distinctive characteristics of A-shares offering a deep understanding of the localized market.


AI big data empowers the development of fintech

In 1990, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange started its trial operation and the Shanghai Stock Exchange was founded as a prelude to China’s stock-market trading. The official establishment of China Securities Regulatory Commission in 1992 marked the normalization and legalization of the stock trading of A-shares in China. After several decades of development, China’s A-share market is gradually growing and displaying distinctive the characteristics of A-shares. A-shares are differentiated from overseas markets in terms of investor structure, the structure of listed companies, policies and systems, and the structure of financial products.

Modern finance originates from the west and value investing comes from the west as well. Book theories only give an interpretation of the rules in the U.S. market, not a universally accepted science. Consequently, the meaning of value investing is more fully demonstrated by creating an investment-research tool that taps into the A-shares of China’s capital market. The investment logic from the Wall Street is creatively applied to JoveLite, and localized transformation and upgrading are conducted based on the characteristics of the A-share market, in a bid to provide individual users with the decision-making basis to accurately screen industry-leading companies and to efficiently allocate core assets while helping more individual investors to implement the concept of value investing.

The father of value investing, Benjamin Graham, believes value investing is the act of assuring security for the principal and bringing satisfactory returns through in-depth analysis. The mechanic, who wants to do his work well, must first sharpen his tools. Once choosing value investing, investors need a reliable tool to serve as support for their core-asset allocation. Amid the rapid growth of China’s capital market and fintech, it’s essential to have a digital, intelligent investment-research tool with “the characteristics of A-shares” to protect your value investing.


Scan the QR code, and JoveLite will take you to experience the blue ocean of digital new value investing!

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