I sold all my USAA Roth IRAs this year because all USAA investment customers had to move to Schwab. Schwab said I have a loss. where do I report this?

A Roth IRA is an account.  You can’t sell the account.  The investments in the account can be sold.  The funds can also be taken out of the account as a distribution or rolled over to a different Roth IRA account.   Unless you took action and withdrew your funds from your ROTH IRAs, they would have moved to Roth IRAs with Schwab.  The investments inside the account may have been liquidated, but that would not have been a reportable or taxable transaction.  If there was something to report, you would have received a Form 1099-R.  If you have questions about what actually transpired, I suggest you contact USAA and/or Schwab.

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