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“When you use a mega-bank’s card, you’re bolstering all the things the bank’s loans support, from clearcutting forests to new coal-fired power plants to predatory loans,” says Fran Teplitz of Green America.  “Community banks and credit unions provide the best opportunity for cardholders to avoid supporting bad practices and to positively impact communities.”


However, even if you’ve switched your bank account to a local community bank or credit union, you may still be linked to mega-banks through credit cards.  When you open a credit card account, your fees go to the issuing bank.


The good news is that you can find a credit card issued by a community development bank or credit union (see list below), which will in turn use your fees to support operations you can feel good about.

Look for these logos for credit cards issued by alternatives to the mega-banks leading the list of bank-rolling the fossil fuel industry.

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