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U.S. cable television channel
American Heroes Channel ( once Military Channel and primitively Discovery Wings Channel ) is an american english multinational pay television duct owned by Warner Bros. Discovery. The network carries programs related to the military, war, and military history and skill. As of February 2015, the channel is available to approximately 59,917,000 pay television households ( 51.5 % of households with at least one television receiver bent ) in the United States. [ 1 ]

backdrop [edit ]

The channel launched in July 1998, as Discovery Wings Channel ; it primitively focused on programs relating to aircraft and aerospace. During its early years, the network besides aired a weather segment near the crown of each hour featuring air travel prognosis data from the National Weather Service. Discovery Communications filed a trademark application with the United States Copyright Office for the manipulation of the identify “ military Channel ” in 2002, after the trademark was abandoned by an unrelated start-up cable network based in Louisville, Kentucky, besides named The Military Channel, which went colored in 1999 and late went bankrupt. That net – which focused on the heroes, history and hardware of the external military view – experienced difficulty raising capital, despite early success.

Logo as Military Channel, used from January 10, 2005 to March 2, 2014. On January 10, 2005, the network was rebranded as the Military Channel. [ 2 ] Carrying over from its original format, many of the net ‘s programs as the military Channel were dedicated to aeriform war and related technologies and issues. In 2005, the channel aired its beginning live program from Philadelphia at the site of the Army–Navy college football game, two hours before that game ‘s kickoff, in which Fox Sports observer Chris Myers hosted from a set outside of Lincoln Financial Field. On March 3, 2014, the transmit was rebranded as American Heroes Channel, with the intent to “ provide more history based, narrative-style objective program. ” [ 3 ] The network is a patronize of the United Service Organizations ( USO ) and frequently runs commercials for that organization .

Programming [edit ]

many of the programs featured on American Heroes Channel are war documentaries, the contents of which share in large character with modern war, and in particular the U.S. military from World War II ahead. While the A+E Networks -owned History, Military History and H2 air travel exchangeable scheduling, those networks tend to show more programs about other fourth dimension periods and cultures ( ancient, Roman, Medieval, Eastern, and early forms of war ). AHC has a more contemporaneous subject matter than those competitors, but it occasionally presents historic program equally well. Actor Dennis Haysbert serves as the network ‘s continuity announcer for its on-air promotions. In summation, the distribution channel besides presents feature films with a military theme ( normally within the host movie series An Officer and a Movie, which is hosted by Lou Diamond Phillips ), deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as individual episodes of other shows ( such as Belly of the Beast, Build It Bigger, Extreme Machines, Timewatch and Unsolved History ), which incorporate military-related capacity. These are much shows that were produced for other Discovery Communications-owned channels .

tilt of programs [edit ]

current programs

[edit ]

  • Against the Odds
  • America: Facts vs. Fiction
  • American Lawmen
  • American Titans
  • Ancient Assassins
  • Blood and Fury: America’s Civil War
  • Blood Feuds
  • Chasing Conspiracies
  • Codes and Conspiracies
  • Cold War Armageddon
  • Egypt’s Greatest Mysteries
  • Forbidden History
  • Gunslingers
  • Hitler
  • How the World Ends
  • Inside Secret Societies
  • Mafia’s Greatest Hits
  • Mafia’s Most Wanted
  • Manhunt: Kill or Capture
  • Nazi Death Squad
  • Nazi Fugitives
  • Nazi Secret Files
  • Origins
  • UFO’s The Lost Evidence
  • War Stories
  • What History Forgot
  • WWII Confidential
  • WWII: Witness to War

Former program [edit ]

Some programs are available to stream on Discovery+ .

References [edit ]

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