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Investing $ 2,000,000 in TQM ’ s Channel Support Systems inaugural will at a minimum addition demand for your products 3.0 % in this and in all future rounds. ( Refer to the TQM Initiative worksheet in the CompXM Decisions menu. ) Looking at the Round 0 Inquirer for Andrews, stopping point year ’ south sales were $ 163,405,682. Assuming alike sales next year, the 3.0 % addition in demand will provide $ 4,902,170 of extra tax income. With the overall contribution gross profit of 34.1 %, after direct costs this gross will add $ 1,671,640 to the bottom line. For simplicity, assume that the requirement increase and margins will remain at last year ’ s levels. How long will it take to achieve vengeance on the initial $ 2,000,000 TQM investment, rounded to the nearest month ? choose : 1 1- 14 months 2- TQM investing will not have a meaning fiscal impact 3- 5 months 4- 10 months From a bare analysis position, what is the armory carry cost for Andrews if the company carries one extra unit of Awe in inventory at the end ? blue-ribbon : 1 1- $ 2.47 2- $ 1.37 3- $ 11.45 4- $ 4.93 Increasing the promotional budget for a intersection in order to increase awareness is not advisable in the short ladder under which of the follow circumstances ? blue-ribbon : 1 1- Accessibility is less than 80 % 2- Production capacity is maxed out ( 200 % implant utilization ) and the company is stocking out of the product 3- Demand in the section is increasing 4- One or more rival has increased price In three years, assuming the competitive environment remains unaltered, how many units of Bolt will Baldwin be selling in the Nano market segment ? choose : 1 1- 561 2- 716 3- 639 4- 431 According to information found on the product analysis page of the Inquirer, Baldwin sold 1127 units of Bolt in the current year. Assuming that Bolt maintains a ceaseless marketplace partake, all the units of Bolt are sold in the Nano commercialize segment and the growth rate remains changeless, how many years will it be before Bolt will not be able to meet future demand unless the company adds production capacity ? Exclude any existing inventory. blue-ribbon : 1 1- 3 year ( s ) 2- 1 class ( s ) 3- 4 year ( s ) 4- 2 class ( s ) Larry is in charge of collecting customer service and atonement data for his company. He’s not sure which key groups in the company would be the most appropriate audience to communicate the recent customer satisfaction results, including shout center employees, senior management, and company-wide. As Larry begins to develop his communication plan, which of the come questions would MOST help him strategize a design for targeting a specific audience ? blue-ribbon : 1 1- What are the electric potential advantages and disadvantages of communicating customer satisfaction results to one group versus another group ? 2- What are the consequences of not communicating the information at all ? 3- What format would each group prefer to see in a report card on customer satisfaction ? 4- How can you communicate the data in a way that will be acceptable to all groups ?

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