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Ross is the Co-Founder, President and CEO of Gerber Kawasaki Wealth and Investment Management. Ross oversees Gerber Kawasaki ‘s corporate and investment management operations deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as serves individual clients. Ross has become one of the most influential investors on social and in traditional media. His investing ideas and advice have made him a regular in global commercial enterprise news equally well on many of the most popular investing podcasts. He is a regular on Bloomberg, Reuters, Fox Business, Yahoo Finance, CNN, CNBC and Cheddar television. He has appeared on many of the most popular podcasts including Meet Kevin, HyperChange TV, The Dave Portnoy Show, The Pomp Podcast and many more .
Ross and the Gerber Kawasaki team oversee $ 2.2 billion of investments as of 1/03/22 focused on engineering, scavenge department of energy and department of transportation, consumer discretionary, media, and entertainment companies for clients and the firm. Gerber Kawasaki is a leader in Fintech invention leveraging technology and social media to work with a bombastic divers client establish providing fiscal advice in scale. GK has grown to over 10,000 clients and was listed in 2020 as one of the fastest-growing companies in Los Angeles according to the LABJ. GK received several Diversity and Inclusion Awards in 2020 within the fiscal industry and prides itself in representing the diverse community of Southern California .
GK is a leader in providing investment advice for the younger generation through its Get Invested broadcast. GK is the foremost major RIA to collaborator with Gemini and began offering Digital Assets to clients in April 2021. Ross is an technical in on-line marketing and social media vitamin a well as a co-developer of the company ’ s app for IOS, my-moneypage. In the 10 years since its initiation, Gerber Kawasaki has grown to 46 employees and $ 2.2 billion in AUM as of 1/03/22. Ross received his BA in Communications from the Annenberg School at the University of Pennsylvania concentrating in Business Law at the Wharton School of Business, graduating classify of 1993. Ross besides received a second assiduity in Classical Music Studies at the University of Pennsylvania and attended the Grove School of Music. Ross was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, and attended Brentwood High School with the graduating class of 1989 .
ever since he was a child, Ross has had a mania for investing and music. He began learning and following investments as a 13-year-old after receiving Apple and Disney stock as a giving for his birthday. His heat for learning and investing grew as he followed the taurus market of the ’80s throughout his high educate education. During college, Ross pursued his degree angstrom well as his rage for music, forming several local bands.

Upon graduating college, Ross returned to Los Angeles in 1994 and joined an independent investment firm affiliated with SunAmerica Securities. In 1998, at the historic period of 27, Ross received the Archon and Million Dollar Branch Award* and was the youngest million-dollar branch director in SunAmerica ‘s history. In March of 1999, Ross began overseeing 15 branches and over 200 advisors for SunAmerica securities/ AIG Advisor Group.

In 2008, the fiscal crisis caused the collapse of respective major fiscal institutions and the politics bailout of others, challenging the existing submit of affairs within the fiscal industry. Navigating these trying times, Ross understood the importance of focusing on the node ‘s best interest utilizing a mod and indifferent approach path to serving the client community. It was during this time that Ross developed his vision for a raw type of investment firm, one spare of conflicts of interests and focused on serving a diverse customer base using engineering and leveraging new media. In 2010, Ross and his business partner, Danilo Kawasaki, felt it was the opportune time to start their fast, Gerber Kawasaki Inc., aligned with this client-centric mission. Built on the deputation to provide clients with customize, objective fiscal advice, Gerber Kawasaki began with a kernel group of advisors and specialized in working with two groups of clients, baby boomers, and Generation X/Millennials. Ross and Danilo started Gerber Kawasaki with the goal of using on-line market, social media, and GK ’ s fiscal app, my-MoneyPage, to attract raw clients and enhance the customer experience arsenic well as to focus on a newfangled market for fiscal advice, Generation X/Millennials .
In his barren time, Ross continues to play music and perform with his band. He is a co-creator and managing member of Cocoon Music – Malibu equally well as an adviser and investor in NoCap Shows, live streaming music companies. Ross is besides on the executive board and a by president of the united states of the Guardians Of the Jewish Home in Los Angeles .
*Industry particular prize and is not an sanction .

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