36+ Slack Communities for FinTech, Finance, Frugality, and Crypto

Frugal Hackers Slack Community
The Frugal Hackers Slack Community is an informal, supportive, and positive space to chat about Frugality, Personal Finance, Financial Independence, Early Retirement and Life Hacking. Connect with bloggers and experts on a deeper level to partake and determine from each early in an informal arrange .
A group for FinTech professionals to partake ideas, advice and to make
connections .
Future of Finance
A place for high-level discussion on how blockchain, cryptocurrency, AI and boastfully data are driving transformation in the finance sector .
Financial discussion Slack group. This includes Fintech, HFT, Stocks and Bonds, Personal Finance, Etc…

The invitation-only slack duct for FinTech for anyone involved in the FinTech diligence to share ideas, advice and to make connections
We ’ re a group of VCs, angels, advisors, and founders discussing things like fundraising, grocery store opportunities & trends, deal intelligence, sourcing & events, and investment theses/frameworks .
VC Club
We ’ re a group of VCs, angels, advisors, and founders discussing things like fundraising, market opportunities & trends, share news, sourcing & events, and investment theses/frameworks .
Empowering self-managers to make better decisions through a real-time community chew the fat and a proprietorship stock + strategy discovery instrument .
FI/RE Community on Slack
Niftymillionaire Tribe
India ’ s Largest Trading Community with 40000+ registered Traders. Traders live 24*7 to help 1000+ investors/trader to become financially dislodge .
AmateurPreneur is a community on Slack for founder entrepreneurs. A identify to discuss, parcel, get avail and acquire feedback .
A traders community for all things stocks & options. If you are interested in collaborating with traders for trade ideas, etc, this is the identify for you .
This community is for all types of investors to discuss assorted aspects of investing so that everyone can be more informed. Discuss investments, diversification, industries, trends, and more !
The # 1 Slack Community for Growth-Minded Freelancers
Investing With Creatives 
Join HBCU Wall Street Creatives to talk about and partake investing advice. Learn and trade cognition in investing with YOUR community. We can all learn from each other and mature with each early
Real Estate Growth Hackers
Join Real Estate Growth Hackers on Slack .
Quant Circle
Quant Circle is a Slack community for quants, fiscal engineers, traders, and data scientists matter to in quant finance.

FinCon Slack
For connecting with other FinCon attendees, past and present .
Fintech Africa Community
slack for Investors
A belittled slack community for individual investors to parcel ideas and investments .
Discuss FinTech, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, collaborate on projects, receive technical support from experts .

Crytpo Slack Communities

Crypto Community
The oldest and largest crypto Slack community
Bitcoin Core
Community SlackOpen source Bitcoin node software
Service connecting employers and job seekers with opportunities that pay in digital currencies .
Conversations together with other cryptocurrency enthusiasts about the respective currencies, the applications, mining/staking, crowd sales and more .
Bitcoin and cryptocurrency monetary value discussion. The official Slack of /r/bitcoinmarkets
Crypto. News, Charts, Analysis, Trade & Learning at a single position .
Community for Stellar.org, digital currency & fiscal inclusion .
Whale Hackers
The lax residential district for developers, designers, data scientists, investors and traders passionate about engineering and cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Masterminds
Crypto Masterminds is a resource-based on-line community for cryptocurrency traders, focused around developing an inflow of information to maximize investing efforts .
Bonus:  Echofin .
Echofin is like a dedicate slack for fiscal communities and groups. If you ’ re a heavy trader, check it out .

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