What Channel Is ID On DirecTV? – Updated Guide 2022

then, what channel is ID on DirecTV ? Most of the programs on Investigation Discovery are master productions. Though, it besides broadcasts re-titled off-network reruns. ID ( Investigation Discovery ) is an american english network known for airing true crime documentaries. The distribution channel is presently owned by Discovery Incorporation .
ID was launched in 1996 and since then it has gained a massive fan base. It is estimated that approximately 86 million households in America receive the channel .
The tilt of channels on DirecTV is long. This satellite television avail has all the channels you want, including Investigation Discovery.

This makes Investigation Discovery ( ID ) on DirecTV one of the most popular and most-watched channels. Without a doubt, the fact-finding program on ID is fascinating .
furthermore, the channel breeze shows that focus on the high-quality current events .

What channel is ID on DirecTV?

One of the best features of DirecTV is you get tons of channels. Whenever you want to watch ID on DirecTV, you will have to search for the channel among many others .
unfortunately, this is never easy and may use up a set of your time. quite than spend your valued time looking through a list of channels, it would help if you had the accurate distribution channel number. Are you in the temper for a true-crime objective and can ’ metric ton find ID on DirecTV ? We surely have a solution for you. investigation Discovery ( ID ) is channel 285 on DirecTV. You can besides view content in HD.

Popular shows to watch on Investigation Discovery

ID chiefly features original true crime films and series. It may seem odd but many people are interested in true crime documentaries and series. This writing style is what made ID a success. On that note, the following are the peak picks to watch on ID .


This is a long-running display on ID that debuted in 2009. The series chiefly features cold cases of people who went missing .
Though, there are a couple of episodes that have shown closed cases. To make the show more substantial and interesting, it ’ second made up of reenactments as well interviews with the people involved in the cases .

Homicide Hunter

Another popular ID show is Homicide Hunter. It ’ sulfur among the longest-running shows on the net and has aired about 150 episodes in total .
The show stars early Colorado Springs detective, Joe Kenda and his travel towards solving crime cases. There are reenactments and interviews with family members of the victims, reporters and the other significant people associated with the cases .

See No Evil

See No Evil is a show that has aired on ID since 2014. Unlike early fact-finding programs on the channel, this one uses CCTV footage to portray the fib of crimes that occurred. Expect interviews with the people involved in the cases.


crime documentaries can be chilling but they are besides fascinating. Use the channel number provided to find ID on DirecTV .


What number is ID channel?

As mentioned, ID HD is channel 285 on DirecTV .

Who has an ID channel?

Most pour services have ID channel and besides satellite television receiver providers like DirecTV .

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