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There are no formal prerequisites for attending this Cryptocurrency Trading training course.


This training course is suitable for anyone who wants to gain in-depth knowledge regarding blockchain, hot cryptocurrencies, and their comparisons.

Cryptocurrency Trading Training​ Course Overview

Cryptocurrency Trading is a virtual currency attached by cryptography. Cryptocurrency is a type of exchange where an individual holds records in a database. Cryptocurrency is used for exchanging goods online and it is completely secure and also helps in lending money, borrowing money, trading, and doing banking in the future. This training course will help you to know about the basics of trading like scalping, range trading, and high-frequency trading. Many use cryptocurrency trading as the mode of payment and investment.

 In this 1-day Cryptocurrency Trading course, delegates will learn to build a solid understanding of cryptocurrency. During this training course, delegates will also learn the history of cryptocurrency. During this training course, they obtain their insights into gaining the necessary points like cryptocurrency vs traditional currency. Our highly expert trainer with abundant knowledge will teach the delegates to uncover the full topics of the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies.

It also accommodates the delegates with the other interesting topics, such as:

  • Exchanges
  • Market
  • Tradability
  • Trading strategies
  • Exponential moving average
  • ADX indicators

At the end of this training course, delegates will be able to know about hashes, hashing and SHA 256, private keys, public keys, and bitcoin addresses. 

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