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Customer service inquiries

If you are a Bank of America customer with a specific wonder about your Bank of America account, you can get help by :

  • Contacting us at
  • Logging in to our online banking
  • Calling us at 1.800.432.1000
  • Tweeting us at our @BofA_Help handle
  • Visiting one of our financial centers and speaking with a professional in person
  • Contacting a service specialist by clicking the Send Message button on our Facebook page, which you can access here

Bank of America has a presence in diverse social media/social networking outlets and may occasionally identify and respond to customers seeking aid with banking-related issues. In the event a customer receives such a communication from the bank regarding a service request or other indigence, the customer may be offered other Bank of America channels to help address those concerns as smoothly and effectively as possible. Those are the basics. Our full policies are listed below.

Moderation policies

Our YouTube channels are open to the public, which means you ‘ll be able to see all of our videos, should you choose to search for our message. While you are able to comment on some of our videos, we expect conversations to follow the rules of civil discourse and we ask that participants treat each other, equally well as our employees, with respect. We may delete comments or posts that we deem to be :

  • Profane, obscene, inappropriate, disruptive or unrelated.
  • Indecent, sexually explicit or pornographic material of any kind—including masked profanity where symbols, initials, intentional misspellings or other characters are used to suggest profane language.
  • Threats; personal attacks; abusive, defamatory, derogatory or inflammatory language; or stalking or harassment of any individual, entity or organization.
  • Discriminatory or that contain hateful speech of any kind regarding age, gender, race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability.
  • False, inaccurate, libelous or otherwise misleading in any way.
  • Spam, or containing or linking to any kind of virus, malware, spyware or similar program that could cause harm to a user’s computer.

Important notice

All videos hosted by YouTube are governed by YouTube ‘s privacy policy and terms of serve. These policies apply to your use of YouTube.

Media inquiries

If you are a penis of the media, please visit the Journalist Resources page in the Bank of America newsroom for more data and press contacts.

Links to third-party sites

We may occasionally post links to third-party sites when we think you ‘ll find the data helpful. however, please eminence that this does not in any way constitute an official sanction of the individual, site or company. Bank of America is a big pot with many advertising relationships. We will do our best to identify and disclose any relationships that Bank of America may have with an individual, locate or company.

Some linked third-party sites may contain capacity from sponsors, or sponsorships, paid for by Bank of America. These paid sponsors should disclose this relationship on their sites. additionally, those paid sponsors ‘ posts may contain the term “ Paid Sponsor, ” indicating the give nature of the relationship.

Privacy and security policies

With respect to content collected through our YouTube duct, Bank of America follows YouTube ‘s privacy policy, which can be accessed here. Please note that when visiting Bank of America ‘s YouTube transmit, when applicable, you are besides subject to the terms and conditions of Bank of America ‘s privacy policy and general terms of use, american samoa well as YouTube ’ s terms of service and privacy policy. To read YouTube ‘s terms of service, please click here.

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