COMPLETE guide to MoonShot crypto: what it is & how to buy [2022]

Updated on March 16, 2022

MoonShot Crypto is unique in the crypto global as its protocol rewards a buy-and-hold investment strategy over a high-volume trade scheme. MoonShot besides rewards users with non-fungible tokens like animated series and games. With all these interesting benefits you might be asking : How do I buy MoonShot Crypto ?
Buying MoonShot is slenderly more complicated than buying other cryptocurrencies. You can not use decree currency to buy MoonShot tokens directly. alternatively, you need to use some of your other cryptocurrencies to buy MoonShot tokens .
If you are one nterested in buying MoonShot Crypto, take a look at the bit-by-bit guide below – you ’ ll own MoonShot crypto assets in no fourth dimension !

MoonShot Crypto Overview

MoonShot Crypto is a limited type of crypto asset. The technical foul term is that it is a “ deflationary, self-regenerating automatic liquid providing protocol ”. Let ’ s unpack this definition.

“ Deflationary ” means the entire supply of the crypto asset decreases over time. MoonShot Crypto started with a full add of 1 quadrillion tokens. presently, over 300 billion tokens have been burned constantly .
A “ protocol ” is plainly the description of the blockchain that underlies the crypto asset. A “ fluidity providing ” protocol is a blockchain that pays out money to the people who hold MoonShot tokens .
This payment is “ self-regenerating ” and “ automatic ” because it is coded into every transaction. For every transaction on the blockchain, 4 % of the transaction value is paid out to the MoonShot holders directly. additionally, 6 % of every transaction is added to the fluidity pool. The fluidity pool contributes to lower excitability and a endlessly increase price floor .
What is MoonShot ’ sulfur business model ? They want to incentivize you to hold their MoonShot crypto tokens in your wallets. If no one is selling MoonShot tokens, the protocol would ensure that the price of MoonShot increases. The winder to success is merely buy and holding. additionally, because they get paid for every transaction, every one Moonshot holder has an bonus to spread the use of Moonshot equally a lot as possible. As more transactions take plaza in the net, the net worth of every individual increases a well .
In addition to this occupation model, MoonShot is besides looking into launching non-fungible tokens ( NFTs ) to reward users. This would take the imprint of an NFT loot box program, an animated NFT series, NFT gamification assets, arcade-style games for competitive play, and a lottery .

How to Buy MoonShot Crypto

MoonShot has been listed on several crypto exchanges. But unlike the early independent cryptocurrencies, you can not directly purchase MoonShot crypto with decree money .
The process of buying MoonShot has one extra step. You first need to buy an altcoin from any fiat-to-crypto rally. then, you need to transfer the altcoin to an exchange that supports MoonShot crypto .
here are detail steps on how to buy MoonShot crypto .

Step 1:  Get a verified account with a trusted crypto exchange

You can use any crypto exchange to buy one of the major cryptocurrencies by using Dollars, Euros, or Pounds ( decree currency ). To do so, you will need a control report with the crypto substitution .

Step 2:  Buy one of the major cryptocurrencies

once you have selected your favored payment method acting, you can click the “ Trade ” button on your crypto commute. Choose whichever major cryptocurrency you prefer and confirm your transaction. now you own cryptocurrency .

Step 3: Get a verified account with a crypto exchange that supports MoonShot

Select a crypto exchange that supports MoonShot, like Trustwallet or BitMart. Create an bill and go through the security confirmation process .

Step 4: Transfer your major cryptocurrency

once you have an explanation with a crypto exchange that supports MoonShot, you can transfer your major cryptocurrency into this account. You can do this either by clicking the “ transfer ” button on the first crypto substitution or by clicking the “ sediment ” clitoris in your MoonShot-supported crypto substitution .

Step 5: Use your major cryptocurrency to buy MoonShot

once you have assets in your crypto substitute, you can exchange your major cryptocurrency coins for MoonShot tokens. Go to the “ swap ” or “ exchange ” buttons to select the measure of your major cryptocurrency you want to exchange for MoonShot tokens .

Step 6: Confirm your transaction 

After you have confirmed your transaction, you will own MoonShot crypto !
The future step is understanding how to trade your MoonShot token if you need to .

How to Trade MoonShot Crypto

Buying crypto is a fairly straightforward march. You decide that you want a crypto asset, and pay the needed decree or cryptocurrency to get that crypto .
trading crypto is when you buy and sell assets to make a profit. You are betting on marketplace outcomes or making decisions based on other marker analyses .
MoonShot is not the ideal crypto asset to trade since it rewards the buy-and-hold investing scheme. But it is potential to trade MoonShot Crypto .
On your MoonShot-supported substitution, go to the “ Exchange ” function. You should now be able to see the candlestick charts and other grocery store information. You can use this view to place buy and sell orders .

Tools for Trading MoonShot Crypto

If you want to trade your MoonShot tokens, you will need the right tools.

The right crypto exchange

One of the most fundamental tools for trade MoonShot is picking the correct crypto exchange. You want a reputable exchange with decent trading volumes and a significant exploiter floor .
This will ensure you will be able to sell your coins at any time and the fees will normally be lower. Take the time to experiment with different MoonShot crypto exchanges and find the one that works best for your trade style .

Invest in a hardware wallet

A hardware wallet is an offline, physical device that stores the individual key to your MoonShot tokens. A hardware wallet does require an initial investment – you need to buy the hardware .
Most hardware wallets for sale will support not lone MoonShot but other crypto assets american samoa well. If you are unplayful about crypto trade, investing in a hardware wallet is one of the best moves you can make to ensure the condom of your assets .

An encrypted secure connection

The decentralize nature of cryptocurrency means you are 100 % responsible for the security of your assets. Using a hardware wallet allows you to store your cryptos in a safe place .
similarly, using an code VPN joining while you trade keeps your assets safe while you are on an internet connection. An code guarantee connection makes it harder for hackers to intercept your sensible information

Outsource your crypto taxes

Did you know cryptocurrency is besides subject to tax ? If you are doing high-volume crypto trades, it can be hard to keep track of your capital gains .
You can employ a tax official to keep your tax data up-to-date. Or you can invest in software like CryptoTrader.Tax. This software automates your crypto tax return by integrating with cryptocurrency exchanges. It then imports your transactions and assesses the capital gains on all of the transactions. CryptoTrader.Tax is free to use and you can easily get started right aside. You will merely need to pay if you want to generate your tax reports .


Buying MoonShot is slightly more complicated than buying normal cryptocurrencies. You can not buy MoonShot tokens directly with decree currentness. alternatively, you need to use some of your other cryptocurrencies to buy MoonShot tokens .
If you are not presently using a crypto exchange chopine, this can sound like a fuss. But using our bit-by-bit march above, you ’ ll own MoonShot crypto assets in no fourth dimension !

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