VVS Finance Price Prediction | What Is VVS Finance (VVS)?

Since its launch in November 2021, VVS Finance has been stuck in a bearish vogue. Is a reversion due ?


The largest stick out on the Cronos range, VVS Finance ( which stands for “ very, very dim-witted ” finance ) aims to increase the rate of crypto trade in the mainstream. With an easy-to-use interface and gamification, the decentralized central ( DEX ) is attempting to attract users with less experience in the crypto earth and decentralised finance ( DeFi ). According to official literature, the indian VVS team is “ determined to build DeFi products for our aunts and neighbours, with a goal of bringing perplex protocols to the masses ”.

But does the project have legs ? What is the VVS Finance price prediction ? Before looking at the forecasts, it ’ sulfur worth taking a immediate overview of the VVS token .

What is VVS Finance (VVS)?

Backed by blockchain accelerator start-up Particle B, VVS Finance is ranked 36th ( as of Monday 28 March ), compared with other decentralized exchanges, and provides a roll of capabilities including stake, deal and swaps. Calling itself the “ gateway to the decentralised finance movement ”, the crypto stick out ultimately wants to reach billions of people. Despite the crypto ’ s founders being anonymous, the project is supported by Crypto.com. According to VVS Finance ’ s web site, users can earn income through trading, being both a fluidity supplier and a VVS miner. fluidity providers who provide a pair of assets can, according to the web site, receive Liquidity Provider ( LP ) tokens as proofread of ownership. According to how much liquid they have supplied, they can earn 0.2 % transaction fees when the pair is traded. In accession, holders of liquidity supplier ( LP ) tokens can bet on them to receive VVS rewards. The VVS token will besides be used in the future as a administration nominal sol that holders can vote on future developments on the protocol. VVS Finance is an automated marketplace godhead DEX. In automatize commercialize makers ( AMMs ), liquidity pools allow digital assets to be traded without permission and without a centralized structure, so no one entity controls the organization. These liquid pools besides allow for 24/7 trade, unlike bequest trade practices. In the beginning, cryptocurrencies had low fluidity as there weren ’ triiodothyronine as many buyers and sellers. Liquidity pools, where liquid providers artificially created liquidity by being paid a fee in exchange for depositing their assets to contribute to fluidity, solved this problem. AMMs use a mathematical convention to ensure there is a constant balance of assets in the liquidity pools which, in theory, helps to regulate prices of assets in liquid pools. If prices in automatize market makers diverge besides much from market price on early exchanges, traders are given incentives to take advantage of the monetary value difference, and sol leading back to supposed equilibrium .

Inflationary issues

In late February the exchange sparked controversy, due to having questionable tokenomics. The current circulate supply of VVS token is about 12.65 trillion, which is a huge number of coins when compared with other DEXs. SushiSwap, for exercise, lone has 127.24 million, while Uniswap has 689 million. The inflationary nature of the token has drawn concern from investors. specially since, while there is a circulating provide of about 13 trillion, this is ascribable to increase to 100 trillion over the course of time. With indeed many coins in circulation, keeping the value of each coin eminent could be quite difficult, particularly if the DEX does not attract huge amounts of traders to its platform. But how will this information impact a VVS Finance price prediction for 2022 ? Before looking at the forecasts, let ’ s first review the performance of VVS.

Recent token performance

The coin rose immediately after launch, increasing from $ 0.0001123 on 22 November 2021 to $ 0.0001542 on 24 November 2021. The coin subsequently dipped to $ 0.0001154 on 26 November 2021, before rising again to $ 0.0001442 on 3 December 2021. Throughout December the VVS price began to fall, slipping to $ 0.00006827 on 13 December 2021, before falling farther to $ 0.00002382 on 22 January 2022. The coin subsequently rose to $ 0.00004303 on 10 February 2022 before slipping to $ 0.0000263 on 24 February 2022. By 18 March, the mint was trading at lows of $ 0.00002126. however as the crypto markets showed flit signs of a recovery towards the end of the first quarter of 2021, the pricing picked up. As of 28 March 2022, the coin was trading at $ 0.00002775, an increase in prize of over 20 % over the past two weeks. The coin has a maximum provision of 100 trillion coins and a current circulate provision of about 13 trillion. The coin has a current market cap of over $ 315m ( £240m ). How does this information impact a VVS Finance price prediction ?

VVS price prediction – expert opinion

While forecasts can be helpful as an index of which direction the price of a mint or token may move, It ’ south crucial to remember that they should be viewed as possibilities quite than absolutes. This is specially the case when considering long-run forecasts, as these can sometimes be wholly off the grade. This is because of the built-in volatility of the crypto market, but besides the many unknowns that could impact future prices. With this in mind, let ’ s look at some VVS Finance price predictions as of Friday 4 March. Wallet Investor offers a bearish calculate suggesting VVS could go down to $ 0.000000354 in a class ’ randomness time and not recover, suggesting the coin is a bad long-run investment. Gov.capital has a similar opinion, predicting the mint will lose all measure over the course of the year. meanwhile, DigitalCoinPrice suggests that VVS Finance could achieve a price of $ 0.0000374 a soon as April, representing a 35 % upswing. The locate forecasts an modal valuation of $ 0.0000411 in 2023 before decreasing to $ 0.0000404 in 2024. The web site ’ s VVS Finance price prediction for 2025 is $ 0.0000536 while it suggests it will rise to $ 0.000126 by 2030. Another VVS Finance price prediction for 2030 can be found from PricePrediction.net, which makes a more bullish long-run protrusion of $ 0.00051160 .


How many VVS Finance are there? VVS Finance has a maximum supply of 100 trillion VVS tokens and a current mobilize provision of about 13 trillion VVS .Is VVS Finance a good investment? It would appear that forecasters seem to think the mint is not a good investment. As a highly inflationary coin in a identical saturated market, the protocol has not perfomed very well since its launch. Saying that, it has solid back from very established crypto companies like Crypto.com and Cronos blockchain. however, it is important to note that cryptocurrencies are highly fickle assets and it should be remembered that analysts ’ forecasts can be faulty .Will VVS Finance go up? It could go up, although experts seem to suggest it will go down. Always remember that forecasts, particularly longer term ones, should be viewed as indicators quite than absolutes. Cryptocurrencies are highly voilatile assets. It ’ mho crucial to bear in mind that analysts ’ forecasts can be wrong.

Should I invest in VVS Finance? Investing is a highly personal attempt. Do your own research and keep up to date on any developments in the VVS Finance ecoystem that could boost or dampen its prospects. Remember, investing can be bad. Conduct your own research. And never invest money that you can not afford to lose .

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