Juicy fields review, the Juicy field site was a scam!

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Beware of Juicy Fields. The latter has a very nice presentation that looks professional and is in fact a scam. Indeed, the exorbitant return promised by this platform does not correspond to reality, a real scam. In our article, we will show you that this investment platform is a scam and that the plants offered by the platform do not actually exist. However, before going into these details, let’s see what Juicy Fields really is.

What is Juicy Fields?

Juicy Fields is an online investment platform that allows you to invest in the production of medical cannabis. A platform that allows you to earn money and buy cannabis plants that it produces. To get money, you will only have to deposit money at Juicy Fields and choose your plant program which allows you to bring back 100 % of your investment in 1 year. This platform tries to convince you that cannabis is becoming legalized all over the world.

By the way, even the cheapest Juice Fields program promises to net you more than $68 to $83 in just 108 days. Too high to be true.

Juicy Fields a ponzi scheme

This medical cannabis company offering to invest in medical cannabis plants is a scam, and sites claiming the legitimacy of this platform are trying to sell their affiliation. Indeed, the offer of this platform was very attractive and the gain was dazzling. You imagine earning more than 33 to 66 % of your investment in just 90 days, the jackpot no. But it’s all just smoke. Moreover, many investors all over the world have been scammed by this platform.

What are the signs that Juicy Fields is a scam?

Here are some signs of the deception that is the Juice Fields company:

⇒Extremely high yields

The fact that the returns promised by this platform are extremely high was already a sign that this platform is not reliable. Indeed, 172 % of return per year is something we have never seen with a legit investment opportunity. Yes, earning this amount is quite possible in a year, but not every year. Still, Juicy Fields says these comebacks will happen like clockwork. By the way, such high returns are only seen with ponzi schemes.

Another sign that Juice Fields is a scam is that they claim to have cannabis plants that can live for over 5 years. However, even for a novice, doing some research on the internet, knows that cannabis plants have a lifespan of only one year and can only be harvested once.

⇒An unauthorized site

The company claims to be run by a Dutch company called Juicy Holding BV. Indeed, it is true that a company with this name is registered in the Netherlands, but its registered web address is juiceholdings.com. This site mentions Juicy Fields AG as a company registered in Switzerland.

The problem also arises from the fact that Juicy Holdings claims that Juicy Fields AG is located in Knonau while in the Swiss company registers the latter is located in Pfäffikon. This creates confusion, because these two places are different places. Moreover, the AFM confirms that Juicy Fields is an unregistered and unauthorized financial services provider.

The latter is also on a warning list from the Spanish financial regulator CNMV and the German financial regulator BaFin, as it is an unauthorized investment offer. In addition, since July 26, withdrawals of funds on this site have been blocked. In August, it was shown that this investment platform was actually a scam and only stole money from thousands of investors.

In short, you can therefore see that Juicy Fields is a scam, a real scam in the online investment world. Despite the fact that some investors registered on this platform received payments. This does not prove its legitimacy.


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