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Creating a future and society where people can live actively through organic produce

We are an organic farmers’ association based in Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan. We are developing overseas markets to promote to the world the organic agricultural products grown in Japan.

Therefore, we are looking for people who will promote the development of new markets and be in charge of business discussions, negotiations, and trade practices. Ideal candidates will have communication skills to negotiate tenaciously with overseas counterparts who have different business practices and will possess N2 or higher Japanese language skills and business level or higher English language skills.

After joining, new hires will be primarily responsible for creating brochures for overseas customers and dealing with such customers when English is required (e.g. for inquiries from overseas, online exhibitions). We work in cooperation with other team members, so even inexperienced workers can work in a comfortable environment. Eventually, we expect new hires to secure new export destinations and to lead market development operations.

If you are interested in organic produce, why not develop your career with us? Through the work for which new hires are responsible, they are able to learn specialized knowledge about organic agricultural products, as well as business knowledge such as marketing, organization, and more.

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