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Koh Phangan|7.48km from downtown

We booked through a travel agent when planning our multi centre trip and chose this hotel just completely going off the pictures quite impartially… big mistake. This hotel may I add was the most expensive out of all of the hotels we are staying in in Thailand over the 3 week trip working out about £520 for 4 nights (in Thailand that’s a lot isn’t it?!). By far the worst place I have ever stayed ! I had a little look at the reviews before arriving and as they are a little mixed and hoped as I am not a fussy person neither is my partner we may not disappointed… I think for me the huge issue is just honestly the vibe around the place as soon as you enter it hits you! It just feels so tired and grey (yes grey even in the gorgeous sun!!) , I think just making an assumption it was probably built 10/15 maybe more years ago (most likely when they took those pictures which you see advertised !) and it would of been paradise possibly one of the nicest hotels on the island but they just haven’t done anything at all to it ! They’ve just left it to fade and rot away basically which is really sad because looking round it really does have so much potential! Everything just looks dirty and faded nothing looks clean or looked after. To sum it up when we arrived there was a pizza box just outside our room ! It’s just like no one really cares very much when we first arrived at the boat we saw a man holding a sign for our hotel and we thought ‘wow great a hotel transfer pick up service!’ We were genuinely impressed until we got to the hotel we were then charged for this service 300baht which is actually more than a local taxi because the transfer is shared! We then waited in the reception bit for 20 minutes to check in whilst I think it was the manager argued with another couple about booking a room almost haggling the price in front of us ! When we did check in there was a 1000baht deposit for the room key that turns out didn’t lock the door anyway. So already on check in we had to cough up 1300baht! This obviously wasn’t advised so we actually didn’t have baht and needed to exchange sterling notes which we thought we could do in the town but it’s about a 25 minutes car journey (again not advised!) so we had no choice to exchange money there an then with the manager he gave an absolutely shocking rate of 35baht to the pound which again made the experience even worse all the while the manager looked so very smug as we had no other option ! The room was just so dated and dingy and just didn’t feel clean at all I know it’s thailand but it was just like mosquito paradise and we’re savaged by them ! I wouldn’t go as far to say the staff our rude because they weren’t they just didn’t really care and weren’t very helpful! We just felt like it was all a big scam a money making scheme for them as they knew there hotel is out the way so they can charge what they like and they were offering a 400baht pp taxi service to the full moon party but along the beach we got a

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