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No.19 Xunli Street, Nianbadu, Jiangshan, Zhejiang, China

63.8km from Yushan South Railway Station

“First of all: Satisfaction with this homestay is higher than with the scenic spot ~
Inlaid in the ancient town of Yubadu white wall and tiles, not abrupt, approach can feel the antique water town charm.
Environment: The interior of the homestay is shown in the picture, which can be said to be a perfect combination of simple style and Oriental classical, especially like the stone that comes into view when entering, the beauty of the unique. The small view of the breakfast area is even more amazing (p4.5). Breakfast is accompanied by Cuizhu inkstone under the sunlit sunshine. Even if you don’t go to Badu Town, you can get a great visual satisfaction ~ / The interior of the room is clean and bright, and the overall hygiene environment is also very good.
Service: The room originally booked was a big bed room, the space was not enough, the proprietress changed us to a larger room at the same price without saying anything, really very enthusiastic.
Dining: Breakfast is very good (forgot to take pictures), the rest is next to #Multi-Taste Farmhouse# solved (picture) The two are cooperative relationships. The homestay can be reached left when you go out. It is convenient and fast. At the same time, you can taste all the traditional food in the eight capitals ~
All in all, well worth a visit”
“The design style of this house is very harmonious, whether it is the front hall, the restaurant or the room, so it looks very comfortable. The furniture is light and comfortable solid wood, not bulky, with a sense of design, and smooth.

Although there is no swimming pool at the beach, but the bathroom has a clothes line is quite considerate. There are also many charging sockets in the room, enough for use. The hair dryer is Xiaomi’s, and unexpectedly it works well, compared to Dyson.

The service staff are also very kind and try their best to meet the requirements.
The local green cake served in the breakfast tastes too hard, it is recommended to master the heat. Sometimes the fruit is too raw. The good point is that the breakfast was not exactly the same during the two days of staying, with a slight change.

The toiletries provided are also meticulous. Although the toothbrush is average, the toiletries are not L’Occitane but the fragrance is good, and they all contain geranium essential oil at first glance, and the feeling of use is also good. The razor and the tying rope are also equipped.
There is a snack for the first day of stay, and you can give it free of charge if you don’t have enough drinking water.”
“I like this famous hotel very much. It’s located in the ancient town. It’s quiet and has smoke and fire. The rooms are clean and comfortable. It should be the best accommodation in Nianbadu. It’s suitable for a slow life on vacation. There are also several tea rooms. , It’s also good to sit and chat with friends. The only thing is that the scenic spot still needs to collect tickets (no tickets are needed for staying in the hotel), which is not good, the ancient town was originally not big, and these charges are just going to catch the guests.”

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