LISTED SMEs RESEARCH COVERAGE – Partners – Macedonian Stock Exchange


•    Founded on September 13, 1995 as a non profit JSC (19 founders – banks and other financial institutions)
•    March 28, 1996 the first trading day of the MSE 
•    April, 25 2001 – introduction of the electronic trading system – BEST
•    June 2001 – MSE was transferred into profit JSC
•    Currently 11 members – 5 brokerage houses and 6 banks
•     Types of instruments traded – shares, bonds and other  securities
•    Trading time: five days a week  (monday-friday) from 9:00 to 14:00
•    Two market segments:Official market (Sub segments: Super listing, Exchange listing, Mandatory listing, Listing of small companies)
      and Regular market (Sub-segments:  Market of JSC with special reporting obligations and Free market)
•    100 listed companies with market capitalization over 2.8 billion Eur
•    Around 140 listed government bonds
•    Order driven market
•    Public exchange auctions for government and/or other legal entities (by request)
•    Public offerings (primary market)
•    Main index: MBI10 – Price index weighted with the free float market capitalization, consisted of max 10 ordinary shares

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