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The Lithuanian stock market

The Nasdaq Vilnius (Vilnius Stock Exchange, VSE) is a stock exchange based in Vilnius, Lithuania, that was founded in 1993.

Nasdaq Nordic, which also runs the Helsinki Stock Exchange and the Stockholm Stock Exchange, owns it. VSE, along with Riga Stock Exchange and Tallinn Stock Exchange, is a member of the Baltic Stock Exchange, which was created to reduce investment obstacles between Estonian, Latvian, and Lithuanian markets (OMX Baltic 10).

There are 30 listings available on the exchange, and they are denominated in Euros. Being part of the Nasdaq group, investors can expect a relatively good amount of available financial instruments to trade from.

The Lithuanian economy

Lithuania’s economy is the most developed of the three Baltic republics. Lithuania is a member of the European Union, with the second-highest GDP per capita in the Baltic region, trailing only Estonia.

Lithuania was the first country to proclaim independence from the Soviet Union in 1990, and it quickly transitioned from a centrally planned to a market economy, enacting a slew of liberal reforms in the process.

It, along with the other Baltic republics, saw rapid development after entering the European Union, giving rise to the concept of a Baltic Tiger.

Since regaining independence in 1990, Lithuania’s economy (GDP) has grown by more than 500 percent. In the Ease of Doing Business Index, Lithuania is placed 11th in the world.

Agricultural, furniture, logistics, textile, biotechnology, and laser industries have long been dominant in Lithuania. Maxima is a retail chain with locations in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, and Bulgaria.

It is the largest Lithuanian capital firm and the Baltic republics’ largest employment. Girteka Logistics is the largest transportation firm in Europe. Biotechpharma is a biopharmaceutical research and development business that specializes in the development of recombinant protein technology.

The BIOK Laboratory is the largest manufacturer of natural cosmetics in Lithuania, having been developed by biochemistry specialists.

UAB SANITEX is Lithuania’s and Latvia’s largest wholesale, distribution, and logistics firm, with operations in Estonia and Poland as well. UAB SoliTek Cells is a major solar cell manufacturer in Northern Europe.

UAB Teltonika is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of cellular IoT gateways.

More than half of the firms in Coface’s “Baltic Top 50,” a ranking of the largest Baltic nations enterprises, are from Lithuania (29). Information and communication technology are one of the most important sub-sectors (ICT).

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