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Everyone wants to start low cost businesses. They want to make profit from it. But it can be unmanageable. You should choose the right estimate. little business ideas start at the skills, mania, thinking and timing. In abject price business, they are adequate to of making substitute service for lower price. humble businesses are significant because they provide a lot of opportunities for entrepreneurs. small entrepreneurs take greater risks than working for a large company. small businesses are an built-in part of local economies. It helps to create fiscal mutuality .We can see a small business start with Rs 10000 .
It is a different business estimate. It needs a small amount to start. You will get well profit from this business. We can sell 1 liter of product and we will get Rs 11,16,700 profit. It has a good demand in our markets. We can start this business from our home.

You can take lotus flower extract and sell it to the market. Lotus grows in rivers and lakes. The leaves, seeds, flowers, and underground stems are used to make music. We can use lotus for bleed, fever, cough, abdomen problems, liver problems, etc.various places of Asia use lotus for bake, cook, and adding spirit to beverages .
Lotus has some chemicals that reduce swelling, stamp out cancer cells, reduce rake carbohydrate, and protect the hide and brain. pregnancy and breastfeeding feeding women do not take this. Lotus flower distill contains antioxidants, polyphenol, vitamins, etc .
Lotus flower extract is used in soluble products like side creams, lotions, etc.Use of natural products become an essential separate of smasher care. Lotus has great importance in bark care. Different parts of lotus are used in the formulation of hide care products. It helps to reduce acne, wrinkles, stress, etc. It acts as anti-bacterial, clamber coolant, demulcent, skin brightener, etc.It has besides hair wish benefits. It is used to treat insomnia, fever, gastritis, diarrhea etc .
It nourishes the scalp.It is enriched in minerals like cast-iron, copper, vitamins. It strengthens the scalp. It helps to improve the lineage flow.It reduces inflammation. It repairs the damaged hair protein. It helps to make hair smooth and healthy. It prevents graying of hair.

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We can see how to start this business. We can make lotus flowers and extract vegetable oil from lotus. It helps to increase the smasher. It has lot of skin balancing property. It helps to remove black heads and acne from buttery skin.It has gamey necessitate in our market. There are unlike types. First one is lotus flower white vegetable oil. It has Rs 59,999/ 50 ml.It has 24 months termination date. Next is lotus bloom pink vegetable oil. It has Rs 18,999/50 milliliter .
It has good market in kerala. We can select this business. We can market it on-line and offline. We can make 10ml or 20 ml and sell through on-line platforms. We can make its manufacture through steam distilled work, cold process, and doubly churn summons. We can select a double boil method acting .
target the lotus petals on a plate and merge them in boiling water. Add coconut oil. Boil for 6 hours. We will get lotus flower excerpt oil. Otherwise we can resell it. It is easy and profitable. We can buy aluminum bottles from India mart at Rs 30,000/ kilogram. It has a 6 year shelf life.Its origin method acting is steam initiation. They provide 25 milliliter to 25 kg packing size. We can buy lotus extraction anoint from wholesale and sell to the on-line markets .

Less the quantity and price and sell to the on-line markets. Create seller accounts on Amazon and flipkart. then upload images of the product and uses of it. Provide timbre products. You will get a lot of customers. It has a 2 year death date. It needs trade, packing licences, and GST registration .
Packing materials have Rs 5000, others have Rs amount investment is Rs depends on marketing skills. The cost of 1 liter is Rs 33,000.we will get Rs 11,16,700 profit from this commercial enterprise .

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