Aristo-Cast Partners with ALLITE® Inc. to Deliver Ultralight, Innovative Investment Casting Capabilities – Allite Inc

Aristo-Cast Partners with ALLITE® Inc. to Deliver Ultralight, Innovative Investment Casting Capabilities

MIAMISBURG, Ohio—ALLITE® Inc. and Aristo-Cast are pleased to announce that they are partnering in concert to deliver innovative investment cast services using the all-new Super Magnesium™ for ultralight system of weights applications .
Aristo-Cast is a recognized global leader in complex lightweight material project and is the world ’ s premier magnesium alloy investment casting vendor—a rare capability lone offered by an exclusive few. Using a wide survival of additive print equipment enables Aristo-Cast to produce a partially weighing a little as a few grams and up to 20 pounds. Aristo-Cast has the ability to execute the most unmanageable magnesium investment casting designs seamlessly. The foundry has received accolades from respective prestigious organizations including the american english Foundry Society, Investment Casting Institute and International Magnesium Association .
Aristo-Cast ’ sulfur proprietorship magnesium investment casting process enables the luxury of compromising yet cost-efficient fabricate capabilities, without expensive Die Cast Tooling, while reducing production time dramatically. Aristo-Cast has the technology and expertness to support a big assortment of projects across divers industries, specializing in automotive and aerospace applications.

ALLITE®, a full-service material sciences constitution that develops and manufactures high-performance alloy alloys for industries around the earth, offers the all-new Super Magnesium™, now available to Aristo-Cast customers. This chancellor admixture can be used in a variety show of applications, from advanced smartphone event architecture to leading-edge lightweight electric vehicle ( LEV ) components. Weighing 30 % less than aluminum by volume and being both rigid and stronger pound for pound, Super Magnesium™ has incredible potential in applications where burden, performance and efficiency are critical, particularly those where components need to be strong, ductile and have specific thermal or electric properties while still being easy to fabricate .
“ This partnership represents a revolutionary step ahead in the sphere of material skill and we are excited to work with a celebrated business like Aristo-Cast to bring alone Super Magnesium™ investment casting capabilities to diverse industries around the world, ” said Steve Marshall, ALLITE® Sales Manager .
“ Several years ago, it was believed that you couldn ’ thymine Investment Cast magnesium. That sparked an idea at Aristo-Cast to prove that statement wrong, and we successfully have. At Aristo-Cast, there is no project outside of our capabilities. We feel that our partnership with ALLITE, utilizing their Super Magnesium™ admixture, is a step in the correct direction to far revolutionize our ability to deliver stronger, lightweight casting applications, ” said Jack Ziemba, Chief Executive Officer at Aristo-Cast .
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For strong, light, dependable and cost-efficient investment cast abilities, look no further than Aristo-Cast. Aristo-Cast has the ability to furnish close-tolerance, high-quality investment castings made from magnesium .
Our state-of-the-art foundry, located in Almont, Michigan, is staffed to produce low volume rapid prototypes and high-volume product quantities. Our foundry can produce both ferric and non-ferrous castings, with rapid prototypes that can duplicate die cast without the high price of die hurl joyride and reduce dies .
Utilizing our in-house cast shop to build a wax injection mold quickly enables thousands of magnesium castings to be provided while the die shed tool is being constructed to cater to particular prototype quantities as needed.

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When you choose to partner with the Aristo-Cast as your investment molding beginning, whether for your production or prototype needs, you can rest assured you will never regret the decision. We blend the latest engineering along with previous world craft to deliver 100 % gratification with every project .
Founded in 2018, ALLITE® Inc. is a full-service material sciences constitution that develops and manufactures high-performance alloy alloys for industries around the ball. They supply proprietary substantial science consult, offer raw magnesium ingot, produce semi-fabricated product, including bulge and sheet/plate, and provide custom engineer, manufacture, and fabrication on a ball-shaped scale .
ALLITE® Inc. created and produces Super Magnesium™, a premium admixture that is the lightest of all geomorphologic materials and is variously appealing across huge industries where weight, performance and efficiency are critical. Considered to be the most eco-friendly and sustainable metal in the populace, magnesium is 100 % reclaimable, dissolves naturally leaving no hound, and has far-flung natural occurrence with inexhaustible reserves .

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