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InvestingChannel, PubMatic and Discovery Data Partner to Launch InvestorMatch

Gramercy Institute recently enjoyed a discussion with three collaborative firms that have joined together to form a mark new partnership that offers luminary ( and needed ) value to our industry. There ’ mho no doubt that the ultimate beneficiary of this modern product will be fiscal brands as they seek to target their discrete audiences with an extremely high degree of “ certainty ” and coarseness. As Max Rybakov, Vice President, Product and Development at InvestingChannel ( one of the three partner firms ) explained, “ Financial marketers ultimately have the advantage of reaching clearly-defined and pinpoint investors with plate on digital platforms. ” This fresh product is called InvestorMatch.

InvestorMatch is an audience targeting product that enables marketers to accurately reach users from discrete investor categories. This accurate solution is designed to deliver a data-supported and ultra-granular degree of targeting capabilities to fiscal firms as they seek to connect with specific audiences. InvestorMatch was born out of synergy among three seasoned, long-familiar fiscal market and media companies : InvestingChannel, PubMatic, and Discovery Data. Each enterprise brings unique prize to the partnership :

  • InvestingChannel is a leading publisher group in the fiscal services industry connecting fiscal brands to relevant audiences .
  • Discovery Data tracks and supplies extensive fiscal master profile data to the fiscal services and policy industries ( including 40,000+ firms and over 2 million professionals ) .
  • PubMatic is a leave digital engineering platform that delivers gross to digital publishers as a sell-side platform for agencies and advertisers .

Bill Wreaks, Chief Analyst of the Gramercy Institute recently sat down with Max Rybakov, VP Product and Development at InvestingChannel, along with Craig Katz, EVP at Discovery Data and Alex DeSanctis, VP of Audience Solutions at PubMatic to discuss how this partnership is providing value to the fiscal marketing industry .

bring : Craig, let ’ s start with you. Please tell me a little bite about what it ‘s like to be a seller at a fiscal post today. What are some of the particular challenges that fiscal marketers are facing ? Are these new challenges ?

KATZ : fiscal marketers face casual changes and challenges. Marketers are finding it increasingly difficult to engage advisors. Advisors, make decisions a lot differently than they did in the past. The fiscal marketers succeeding nowadays are acting strategically and thoughtfully about their target audiences, messaging and outreach plans. We have moved so army for the liberation of rwanda away from a one-size-fits-all model–every customer has access to an consuming amount of options and information available to them. It is essential for brands nowadays to have a deep understand of their target audience, and to tailor products, refine marketing messaging and implement a reproducible & effective market design to be most impactful .

bring : very well. I get it. so, if fiscal brands need to understand audiences on a much more chondritic level to compete, tell me how your newfangled product, InvestorMatch, answers this indigence for these fiscal brands. Max, in other words, why is InvestorMatch thus valuable to fiscal brands ?

RYBAKOV : That ’ sulfur easy. The key word here is certainty. The respect of InvestorMatch is that it provides certainty that fiscal marketers are reaching the accurate fiscal audience that they are intending to reach. so many data products presently out there are basically black boxes that rely on third-party providers making self-serving assumptions. For case, if you were to go to some early registries to see which third-party segments that you as an internet drug user descent into, you would about surely find yourself classified under multiple ( if not all ) ages, genders, income brackets, and interest categories because of the inadequate standards that most data providers employ .

The smasher of InvestorMatch is that it derives its data from beginning party sources. For example, through our close partnership with Discovery Data, the adviser user-data emanates from official records like union and country regulators, diligence associations and a series of seller partners to ensure accuracy. Our data is cleansed on a consistent basis to create what we like to think of as the “ amber standard ” for user-targeting. You see, it is not based on an presumption, but rather on dependable confirmation. Our “ digitally-engaged fiscal adviser ” target, for case, taps individual records that are sourced directly from government-mandated registration and license numbers issued by the FINRA. Data doesn ’ t get much more pure than that .

bring : Max, you mention that you believe your newfangled product is the fresh “ gold standard ” in fiscal commercialize. That ‘s a big promise. Tell me why InvestorMatch is such a big theme ?

RYBAKOV : It ’ randomness strange to think that getting precisely what you think you should would be a revolutionary idea, but when it comes to purchasable data, it seems like it actually is. We contend that InvestorMatch is going to be the “ raw standard ” because it will induce transformative discussions between data providers and marketers about substantiating the true value that buyers are receiving when they pay for audience target .

bring : Like all good ideas, a successful new product answers a specific want. Alex, talk to me about the specific necessitate InvestorMatch fills .

DESANCTIS : I am gladiolus you asked—because this is important. today, the increase of consumer privacy regulations from technical school companies, along with the changes of automation across an increasingly disconnected media landscape, create both challenges and opportunities for marketers. With viewership moving to multiple devices, and new formats emerging and evolving at an accelerate pace ( like fluid in-app and CTV ) marketing-alignment complexities are greater than ever before. generic off-the-rack data can add extra monetary value without delivering much value at all. Buyers are often forced to sacrifice timbre for scale, eroding campaign performance and render on ad spend. InvestingChannel ’ s InvestorMatch delivers an throughout solution for hearing addressability, automation and efficiency at scale with data privacy at the congress of racial equality .

bring : Great. Thanks, Alex. So the effectiveness of InvestorMatch is pretty acquit. But what about its efficiency ? Given the abundance of data products available on the market, did you develop this product to be cost-efficient to the fiscal seller ? Meaning, at the end of the day, does this product make common sense from an ultimate ROI point of view ? Max, what ’ s your think ?

RYBAKOV : absolutely. This was designed with efficiency in mind. Due to the wealth of control data that we have on fiscal professionals and other investors, which includes a high flush of demographic cleavage, we have configured InvestorMatch to be an low-cost entry tied segment to purchasing fiscal audiences at scale and with certainty. What ’ s more, we have seen that now that advertisers are delivering their messaging to the actual audience they intended to reach, there is importantly better performance .

WREAKS : When I think of this partnership, the word “ synergy ” comes to mind. Meaning, this partnership seems greater than the summarize of its parts. From what I know of your backgrounds, and the companies you each respectively represent, it seems to me that each partner brings a specific level of expertness to the mesa. Can you tell me about who brings what to the party ? Craig, you go beginning .

KATZ : Sure. Discovery Data is relied upon by indeed many firms across the fiscal services diligence to drive their sales, marketing, data management and strategic plan efforts. This reliance is based beginning and foremost on Discovery ’ s ability to deliver the most accurate and robust reach and demographic data in the integral U.S. fiscal mediator marketplace – every register firm and professional. Our function in this partnership with InvestorMatch is to basically certify for buyers that they are using the most substantiate data to inform their target scheme for advisors and agents. That ’ s us .

bring : Alex ? What precisely does PubMatic bring to this party ?

DESANCTIS : Thanks, Bill. Programmatic has become a central contribution of fiscal marketers ’ strategy as it creates work flow efficiencies and improves on targeting for operation. Advertisers besides want to be assured that their campaigns are viewed by humans in a brand-safe environment. When you use clean, verify audiences from Discovery and InvestingChannel, we can identify who and when to reach those investors within the open programmatic market when they are most probably to be receptive to advertise. Why we are authoritative to this partnership is that PubMatic delivers the highest quality omni-channel inventory to agencies and advertisers, allowing buyers to use their preferable DSP. This brings buyer tractability, quality and scale to the party. Together we believe that a unite approach will deliver the most efficiency and value across the entire ecosystem for fiscal marketers .

WREAKS : How about InvestingChannel, Max ? What ’ s your specific function in this partnership ?

RYBAKOV : InvestingChannel works on a regular basis with both Discovery and PubMatic on a variety of clientele endeavors, sol when we identified this market opportunity – it made sense for us to leverage our existing relationships to get this product off the flat coat. One of IC ’ s biggest objectives moving forward will be to reach out to the advertisers who could best benefit from this intersection to demonstrate the potency of this data offer to them .

bring : Would you call InvestorMatch a game-changer for our industry—or am I being excessively dramatic ? Five years from now how fecund do you anticipate this product will be ?

RYBAKOV : I suspect that in five years this will be the only way that marketers will be targeting fiscal professionals and retail investors through programmatic pipes. With the upcoming browser changes and “ death of the cookie, ” the addressable population of users on the internet will be substantially reduced and the price for reaching a exploiter who you can identify will go up dramatically. Given that kind of environment, I believe that marketers will no long be able to justify throwing away money on users who they can not confirm fit their target profile .

bring : Gentlemen, I look forward to continuing to monitor the achiever of this important product and of this highly-synergistic partnership. Thank you for this meet .

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