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Corporate History

When was MediaTek established?

  • MediaTek was incorporated on May 28, 1997 in the Science-Based Industrial Park, Hsin-Chu, Taiwan.

When was MediaTek listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange?

  • MediaTek was listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE) on July 23, 2001 under the ticker 2454.

Financial Facts

When does MediaTek’s fiscal year end?

  • It ends on December 31st.

Where can one find historical financial information on the web site?

  • This information can be found in the financial information section.

How many outstanding MediaTek shares are there?

  • The information is available at

When does MediaTek release information about its monthly revenues?

  • Taiwan Stock Exchange regulations require us to file revenue figures for the preceding calendar month by the 10th day of the following month. We normally announce the monthly revenue release schedule at the beginning of the year.

Stock Information

What is MediaTek’s stock code?

  • 2454 is the stock ticker.

Who is MediaTek’s transfer agent?

  • MediaTek’s transfer agent is Chinatrust Commercial Bank – Transfer
    • Address: 5F, 83, Sec. 1, Chung-Ching
      S. Rd., Taipei, Taiwan 100.
    • Tel:+886-2-6636-5566
    • Fax:+886-2-2653-9180
    • Website:

Where can I find information about MediaTek’s stock price?

  • Our stock price can be found on the MediaTek stock price page.

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