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1. Inner Mongolia Mengniu Dairy Co., Ltd., headquartered in Hohhot City and Lingel Shengle Economic Park, Mengniu is one of the leading enterprises in milk, yogurt and dairy products. It was established in 1999 and became the second largest dairy turnover company in China by 2005, Liquid milk and ice cream are the largest producers in China. China Mengniu Dairy Co. Ltd. (HKEx: 2319) is an industrial company listed on the Hong Kong exchange. 2. The tour route to the site is basically a circle around the periphery of a closed production workshop. The inside of the aisle is a closed workshop; the outside of the aisle is the exhibition rooms and Kanbans. Mongolian cattle company, worth seeing, it is also domestic one of the largest dairy leading enterprises, this kind of enterprise, not anytime can enter the visit. 3, development industrial tourism, is “three profits” behavior: first of all, tourists gain, see the usual can not see “view”; Secondly, factory enterprises benefit, propagandize the brand, expand the popularity; third, tourism companies benefit, can increase the line, rich tourist variety. Industrial tourism is also a boon for professionals studying certain fields, for many old industrial tourist attractions still have machines running dozens of, even hundreds of years ago. 5. To know more information about Mongolian Dairy Industry Industrial Tourism Scenic Area and photos on site, please refer to my travel book “Industrial Tourism Scenic Area, on the one hand, can not enter and leave sightseeing casually, on the other hand, but still be ignored by most tourists Inner Mongolia Mengniu Dairy Industry Group Base Visit Notes”, Link Address:

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