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There are 10 piers. All are different in size, and in the experience they offer.

For the classic tour, i.e. the walk with party and mariachis, you can go to Nativitas or Las Flores Pier. For a very quiet ride and more focused on the nature, pick Cuemanco Pier.

That is why you have to choose the Xochimilco pier according to what you are looking for: the tourist canals o the protected natural area.

Tourist Canals in Xochimilco

Here you can take a traditional tour of Xochimilco with mariachis and other musical groups. (festive atmosphere).


  • Nuevo Nativitas.
  • Las Flores
  • Zacapa
  • Caltongo
  • Salitre
  • San Cristóbal,
  • Belem
  • Belem de las Flores

Nuevo Nativitas is the largest pier, with a handicraft market, a large parking lot, several restaurants around.

Salitre, San Cristóbal, Belem and Belem de las Flores are all easily accessible from the center of Xochimilco.

Protected Natural Area Canals

Here the tours allow you to discover the Xochimilco ecological park, is a reserve of 200 hectares, where different species of birds can be found.

It is also an opportunity to see the traditional agriculture that has been preserved in the chinampas.

They are much less touristic routes, and the ideal place to make ecotourism in Xochimilco. 


  • Cuemanco
  • Fernando Celada
  • Puente de Urrutia

Cuemanco is the largest pier for going to the Xochimilco reserve, but it is quite quiet because there are few boats. There is no music or food here, to preserve the area.

Cuemanco is also known for its flower, cactus and succulents market, one of the Mexico City’s largest plant markets.

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