Modern Moroccan cuisine by comedian chef Abdel Alaoui –

With Choukran, Abdel Alaoui signs a delicious invitation to discover modern Moroccan cuisine, and to realize, if it hadn’t already been done, that it goes well beyond the Couscous-Tajine-Mechui trilogy.

A proposal that arrives in time for the return of the beautiful days, which are never guaranteed in Belgium, contrary to the promise of Abdel Alaoui to sunbathe our kitchens.

Born in the early 80’s in Oujda, Morocco, and arrived in France with his parents when he was only 2 years old, the one who took his classes with big names in French gastronomy, Michel Rostang and Pierre Gagnaire in the lead, was discovered by the general public on the small screen.

eggplant Abdel Alaoui

After leading a culinary section on Canal +, he joined the team of C to you, in France 5, where it is provided directly for the preparation of plates enjoyed on the platter for guests. Before deciding to pay tribute to whom he owes his love of cooking, his motherbut also to all the other yemmas, these “wonderful Moroccan moms,” as well as the recipes they pass on from generation to generation.

Choukran - Today's Moroccan Homemade Cuisine, by Abdel Alaoui, Marabout Editions, 272 pages.Choukran - Today's Moroccan Homemade Cuisine, by Abdel Alaoui, Marabout Editions, 272 pages.Choukran – Today’s Moroccan Homemade Cuisine, by Abdel Alaoui, Marabout Editions, 272 pages.

A colorful and fragrant heritage that, if it includes tagine and other simmered dishes, is still far from limited, as demonstrated by Abdel Alaoui in one hundred recipes that revisit the classicsbetween homemade harissa and chocolate pastilla.

Admitted goal of the one who describes himself as “chef / comedian” and sends the sauce to his more than 33,600 followers on Instagram? Bringing an unprecedented freshness to the must-haves of Moroccan cuisine while preserving their ancestral flavors. An approach that has succeeded in the great gap between tradition and modernity, and has already been dubbed by Marabout as “the reference book of the new Moroccan cuisine, colorful, generous and family”, nothing more.

Deserved praise? To determine, there is no such thing as rolling up our sleeves and trying one of the three recipes shared by our man. Warning: Suddenly, the map of the couscous in the corner of your risk seems very restrictive

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