Motley Fool Reviews 2022: Are the Subscriptions Worth It?

Motley Fool Review – Is the Subscriptions Worth It?

The Motley Fool is one of the biggest financial services companies worldwide. Their website covers everything from investing basics, stock market analysis, retirement planning, and personal finance advice. All this information is available for free, and they frequently publish new articles every day.

About 20 years ago, Motley Fool began to offer premium services. Premium services are designed to help subscribers to archive their financial goals. Currently, they offer 32 premium services with a pricing range of $79 to $13,999 per year.

In this Motley Fool review, we will guide you through the most popular and affordable investment newsletters and stock picking services. This includes investing trends like cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence, 5G, IPO- and real-estate investing.

We’ve also included various performance insights and discounts of up to 67% off for new subscribers of a Motley Fool service.

Motley Fool Review: Features and Highlights

📆 Founded

🙋 Founders
Tom Gardner, David Gardner

🏢 HQ
United States

🚀 Features
Stock picking services, investment newsletters, financial news

💰 Membership
From $79 for 12 months

👛 Discounts
60%-67% Off

🎮 Trial
30 days money back guarantee

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Motley Fool Services

  • Motley Fool Stock Advisor
  • Motley Fool Rule Breakers
  • Motley Fool Everlasting Stocks
  • Motley Fool Options
  • Motley Fool Millionacres and Mogul
  • Motley Fool Rule Your Retirement

Motley Fool Stock Advisor Review

The Motley Fool Stock Advisor program is the most popular service by Tom and David Gardner. It was incepted in 2002 and has beaten the S&P 500 benchmark significantly. But what does that mean? For example, if you would have invested $10,000 in 2002 in the S&P 500 index, your portfolio would be worth about $55,000 now. But if you would have invested in the Motley Fool Stock Advisor stock recommendations, you would be up from $10,000 to $360,000. That means that you would have archived a higher return on investment based on the calculated by time weighted return.

Here is the official Motley Fool performance graph as of August 2022:

motley fool stock advisor reviewmotley fool stock advisor review

You receive two stock picks as a Motley Fool Stock Advisor customer every month, always at the same time on Thursday. That means that you can easily prepare for the next investment advice members receive. The fool stock picking service sends trade alerts via email, and the stock advisor picks also get published on their website.

Motley Fools motto is “Smarter Happier and Richer,” and to archive those goals, they let their team of inhouse-analysts analyze the market to come up with recommendations of companies that already have positive earnings per share but also have potential in price movements.

The Fool Stock Advisor service stocks are picked with the intent to be held over the long term. It is not necessarily a buy-and hold strategy because some stocks are being sold once the company’s financials indicate that it is better to sell a stock. That means all in all that a customer can easily handle the buy and sell transaction in the stock portfolio with a minimum of time effort.

But there is more for you as a Motley Fool Stock Advisor subscriber. The advantages of a subscription are not only limited to the bi-weekly stock picks. As a customer, you also get access to the best buys now list and access to the member dashboard.

Within the member dashboard, you find the entire history of all stock recommendations every made. That’s pure gold since you can immediately build a portfolio based on the recent recommendations. In addition, you see the exact price and time when the service was added, the entire track record, and the purposes of each transaction and stock pick.

There are only a few investing services out there offering similar levels of transparency. Investors need approximately 15 minutes every 2 weeks to adjust the brokerage account based on the most recent Motley Fool stock picks.

Motley Fool also offers a 30 day money back guarantee for the Stock Advisor service and a discount for new subscribers.

Click here to subscribe to The Motley Fool Stock Advisor with a 60% discount for new subscribers.

For more information about this service, go on reading the detailed Motley Fool Stock Advisor review.

Motley Fool Rule Breakers Review

The Motley Fool Rule Breakers has some similarities to the Motley Fool Stock advisor program. First of all, you also receive two stock picks every month. You also gain access to the member dashboard, the starter stocks, and the complete stock advice history with all stock picks listed by data, stock ticker and prices.

Now let’s talk about the differences compared to Stock Advisor. Instead of Thursday, where the Stock Advisor stock picks are sent out to subscribers, you will receive the trade alert two days earlier on Thuesday. Also, it will be another week. So if Stock Advisor is sent to subscribers on Thursday in the first week of a month, Rule Breakers subscribers will receive their trade alert on Tuesday of the second week of a month, etc.

The Motley Fool Rule Breakers focuses on growth stock recommendations. That means that the Rule Breakers analyst team focuses on companies with a high probability of long-term growth. Those stocks can be from companies with currently negative earnings per share. So while the Stock Advisor picks are all about companies with a positive EPS, the Rule Breakers picks can currently have a negative EPS but with the potential to grow to a profitable company.

The investment return calculations for this service start in 2004. Therefore the comparison to the S&P 500 benchmark is a bit different since it starts with another year. Below is the latest official Motley Fool performance graph as of January 2022:

motley fool rule breakers reviewmotley fool rule breakers review

As you can see, your $10,000 investment in the S&P 500 back in 2004 would have generated an excellent return and boosted your portfolio to over $55,000. But the Rule Breakers market-beating returns are obviously better. The $10,000 starting capital in 2004 would now have grown to over $130,000. That’s also a significant outperformance over the last 15 years.

Both services performed better than the market average. The track record is visible in detail within the member dashboard.

Also, the Motley Fool Rule Breakers subscription is currently available with a high discount for new subscribers.

Click here to join Rule Breakers as a new subscriber with a 67% discount with a 30 day money back guarantee.

For more insights into this service, proceed by reading the in-depth Motley Fool Rule Breakers review.

If you are wondering how exactly Stock Advisor and Rule Breakers compare, consider reading the in-depth Motley Fool Stock Advisor vs Motley Fool Rule Breakers article.

Now, let’s have a look at Everlasting Stock in the Motley Fool review series:

Motley Fool Everlasting Stock Review

The Motley Fool Everlasting Stock offering is the newest lower-priced offer from the Motley Fool. Like Motley Fool’s Stock Advisor and Rule Breakers, Everlasting Stock is all about stock picks listed on U.S. Exchanges like Nasdaq and NYSE.

It is too early to talk about the performance since the newsletter was incepted in 2021. But what we know is that the same successful team behind Tom and David Gardner analyzes the stocks for this Fool stock advisor service called Everlasting Stock.

motley fool everlasting stocks reviewmotley fool everlasting stocks review

Therefore we can expect to see another program that will outperform the S&P 500 in the long term. And by the way, this Motley Fool service is all about long term investing. To be more exact, subscribers to this stock advisor program receive immediate access to all previous stock picks when they sign up. The picked companies are those that Tom Gardner believes any trader and investor can buy now and hold forever.

The Motley Fool team expects that it requires about 5 minutes a month to update the portfolio based on the new transactions made. As a new subscriber, you instantly receive 15 stock recommendations plus future stock recommendations as long as you are a member. As lined out in the Motley Fool Everlasting Stock review, you also have access to all previous stock picks within the member dashboard for further analysis or portfolio creation.

Click here to get a 67% discount as a new subscriber to the Everlasting Stocks service combined with the 30 day money back guarantee.

For more information about this Motley Fool newsletter, go on reading the detailed Motley Fool Everlasting Stocks review.

Motley Fool Rule Your Retirement Review

If you are in retirement or planning for it, the Rule Your Retirement is designed to archive your financial goals. The service aims to help you navigate through all major financial decisions and learn how to retire sooner and smarter.

The lead advisor Robert Brokamp and his team take care of your questions, such as How much do I need to retire? How do I pay down debt and take control of my budget? Are How do I maximize my Social Security payout?

motley fool rule your retirement reviewmotley fool rule your retirement review

Once you start your subscription, you will receive an email digest on Thursday. You also get access to the wealth of retirement tools on the RYR site with model portfolios structured to help you invest in a cost-efficient way. The investments recommended are either indexed mutual funds or exchanged traded funds.

Therefore, the Rule Your Retirement service is all about conservative investments with the goal to grow the overall portfolio in the longer term. Three types of asset allocation models are offered to get the best advice based on where you are in your life.

Subscribers also become part of the Motley Fool community to interact with other subscribers in the discussion boards, asking questions or providing personal insights. The Motley Fool Rule Your Retirement review includes further insights to the service.

Preparing for retirement can feel overwhelming. That’s why Motley Fool designed this service. It is a great resource you can rely on to plan your retirement, archive your retirement goals and objectives.

Click here to learn more about these services, automatically apply the discount and enjoy a 30 day money back guarantee.

Motley Fool Options Review

Motley Fool Options is the options pick program by the fool. Their options team created a consistent tool that allows options trader to leverage their returns. Two types of options are traded. The first one are conservative call options with an expiration date of more than 1 year in the future. Those types of options are also called LEAPS.

motley fool optionsmotley fool options

The leverage comes from the way how options contracts work. One options contract gives the owner control of 100 shares of the underlying stock. For example, if an investor buys 1 call option of Apple, he controls 100 shares of Apple. The leverage results in the fact that an option buyer does not pay 100*the current share price. Instead, he only pays for the present value of the options contract, which is much cheaper.

In addition, Michael Douglass, head of messaging at The Motley Fool, added that various options trading strategies are utilized, including buying call options, covered call trades, selling put options for premium, diagonal calls, synthetic long trades, and synthetic covered calls, and bull call spreads. Therefore it is more complex to follow the options picks than the stock picks, but you are ensured that the Motley Fool team provides insights and guidance on how to use the strategies correctly.

The track record shows that 86% of the completed options plays made a profit. However, there is no performance chart available like it is for the stock picking service offers motlemilloStock Advisor and Rule Breakers.

The main advantage of the service is that users can profit in a bull market, bear market or even from sideway markets to generate steady income. In addition, options plays can also be used to protect the stock portfolio.

Motley Fool Options is currently not available to new subscribers.

The following service in the Motley Fool review series is about real estate investing. Is it worth it?

Motley Fool Millionacres Review

Millionacres is also a Motley Fool service and all about real estate investing. It is the only service on the list that is entirely independent of the classical website. features real estate investing guides on REITs, crowdfunding, house flipping and more. In addition, it covers real estate market trends and even financing insights and tax advice.

As lined out in the Millionacres review, Millionacres offers two types of paid subscriptions, Real Estate Winners and Mogul.

millionacres reviewmillionacres review

Real Estate Winners is the more affordable service by Millionacres. It is a real estate and REIT investment newsletter. Therefore subscribers receive specific recommendations about investment types to be part of an investment portfolio. In addition, the Real Estate Winners analysts identify investment opportunities and send a minimum of one new recommendation every month. Subscribers also receive updates on existing investments and essential events, access to educational content and the quarterly top 10 investment alerts.

Here you can join Real Estate Winners here with a 60% discount as a new member.

Mogul is the second offer, and it is a real estate investment recommendation newsletter for investments in real estate equities, individual commercial real estate deals and REITs. The Mogul team aims to provide the best possible guidance with honest advice and transparency. However, the service is more expensive than Real Estate Winners, and therefore the service is for more wealthy investors.

Here you find the most frequently questions to the Mogul service answered. In addition, you can provide feedback, and their customer service will take care of your questions.

Motley Fool Review Summary

The brothers Tom Gardner and David Gardner belong to the most successful entrepreneurs in the finance sector. Similarweb estimates the monthly traffic on to about 50 million. The Motley Fool’s Stock Advisor was the first service and launched in 2002. While Motley Fool Stock Advisor still has the highest number of active subscribers and the best performance, the stock advisor picks from Motley Fool Rule Breakers. The stock recommendations from Motley Fool Everlasting Stock have an outstanding performance since inception and consistently beat the market average and S&P 500 performance benchmark.

A stock picking service saves a lot of time. Instead of spending hours and hours analyzing stocks, you can directly rely on services like the Motley Fool to get stock picks worth the investment. In addition, it is not that expensive to join the program, and the account can be set up quickly. You only need an email address, credit card information for the payment and when you are ready to go.

Motley Fool’s investing philosophy strongly relies on success by long-term investing with an investment horizon of 10 years and more. The cost average effect takes care of the long-term success by investing in the stock market. The best buys now stock recommendations are an excellent way to start building a portfolio with a set of starter stocks. The Motley Fool Stock Advisor is most likely the best program to join. That’s because the Stock Advisor program has the best performance, and even short-term traders can make money by day trading the stocks when the stock picks are announced.

Another positive and yet not mentioned factor is that the Tom Gardner stock picks and David Gardner stock picks are announced before market close, but they use the stock price at market close for the calculation of the returns. Therefore those subscribers who act fast right after the announcement have a chance to generate even higher returns compared to the official tracked ones.


Is Motley Fool worth it?

Yes. The long term performance for nearly 20 years clearly proofs that it is worth it to join Motley Fool services. Especially the Motley Fool Stock Advisor stock advice and investment advice worked well in recent years and outperformed the S&P 500 significantly.

Is Motley Fool a scam?

No. The Motley Fool is not a scam. On the contrary, it is a service you can trust and rely on. The customer service is there for you whenever you have a question. In addition, members have access to the entire stock pick history and get access to the starter stocks report once subscribed. Nonetheless, it is crucial to diversify the portfolio and to ensure to invest only money you do not need right now.

Is Motley Fool Good?

Yes. The Motley Fool has proven that the picked stocks perform by far better than the market average. The stock picking services are affordable, and each stock pick comes with a detailed explanation about why the stock has been chosen.

Does the Motley Fool subscription renew after a year?

Yes. The renewal happens every 12 months, and you will be charged with the amount that is then valid for the next 12 months. If you do not want to let the service renew, make sure to cancel your subscription before the next payment circle.

Is there a Motley Fool app?

No. There is no Motley Fool app for iOS or Android available. However, you can log in to the Motley Fool services from any device by using your browser.

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