Top 6 Real Estate YouTube Channels you should follow in 2021

real estate is not lone an investment opportunity. It is something beyond buying and selling of place. It is a field of science that requires you to keep yourself up-to-date with 1 marla to square feet and the latest real estate market trends and happenings .
To gain in-depth cognition about real estate, real estate trends, construction cost, and tax on properties, it is crucial to extract information from every source possible. real estate of the realm blogs are very enlightening .
One of the most convenient and fun-filled ways to learn ins and outs of real estate of the realm is to use YouTube .

Why you should use YouTube to learn about Real Estate?

YouTube is a barren on-line source that is perfect for people who want to learn things on a move. If you are person who dreads reading, don ’ metric ton worry because YouTube will help you to get utilitarian insights about real estate of the realm, that excessively, in a brusque duration of fourth dimension.

YouTube has over 1.9bn logged-in monthly users

For this huge number of subscribers, hundreds of YouTubers create amaze contented regularly. The contentedness not lone keeps you well informed about the latest grocery store trends but besides gives you tips and tricks to flourish your occupation effectively and efficiently .
If you are person who is into real estate business, you should decidedly make function of YouTube. besides, you can market substantial estate projects of construction companies through Facebook. If want to know about real estate market, head over this article to understand how real estate market works .

Realtors have jointly seen over a 40 % increase in profits from video recording market entirely

In this article, we bring you the following top six YouTube channels that are real number estate gurus for sure .
therefore, let ’ s beget started .

 1. Graham Stephan

With a humongous sum of 1.47 million subscribers, Graham Stephan ’ s YouTube channel is topping our number, that excessively for all the correct reasons .
Graham is a 28 years old american english chap who is no less than any other estate expert. With the track commemorate of over $ 120,000,000 in residential actual estate sales, Graham is one of the best real number estate of the realm experts around .
On his YouTube channel, Graham takes us through his travel where he tells us about his success, failures, and life lessons and therefore on .
Some of the topics covered on his channel include :

  • Real estate investment.
  • Real estate strategies.
  • Sources of passive income.
  • Tips and hacks on real estate.
  • Real estate remodeling and renovation.

graham stephan real estate youtube

YouTube Channel: Graham Stephan
Subscribers: 1.47 million subscribers .

 2. Grant Cardone

The following big name in the world of real estate of the realm is Grant Cardone. He is a businessman, investor and besides the CEO of 7 privately held companies. furthermore, he is the collapse of Cardone Capital, a real estate investment tauten .
apart from this, Grant has authored 8 business books and 13 business programs. According to Forbes, he is one of the circus tent social media business influencers of holocene times. so, if you want to learn about real estate from a real estate of the realm guru, this vlog is one of the best options .
He runs a YouTube channel with over 1.29 million. Some of the topics covered on his channel are :

  • Book reviews
  • How to invest in real estate.
  • Tips and tricks on real estate
  • Lead generation.

grant cardone real estate youtube channel

YouTube Channel: Grant Cardone
Subscribers: 1.29M subscribers .

 3. BiggerPockets

The future channel on our list is BiggerPockets that is known among the masses because of their newly and matter to real estate capacity. BiggerPockets is a company founded by Joshua Dorkin in 2004. The party is dedicated to helping people learn about veridical estate and how it works .
With 462K subscribers, BiggerPockets is surely stealing the limelight on YouTube. Some of the topics that you can find on the groove include :

  • Beginners guide to real estate.
  • Real estate podcasts.
  • How to analyze real estate deals.
  • Real estate tips and advice.
  • Real estate podcasts.

The videos are presented by real estate experts who leave no rock unturned to make real number estate american samoa interesting as possible. Five minutes on the channel and you are hooked .

bigger pockets youtube channel real estate

YouTube Channel: BiggerPockets
Subscribers: 462K subscribers .

 4. Bryan Casella

The following real estate of the realm channel is run by none other than Bryan Casella. Bryan is a southerly California resident, making noise in the very estate market for quite a long fourth dimension now .
If you want to know all the crucial information about the veridical estate of the realm, that excessively by an experienced professional, this channel is the place for you to be .
The topics Bryan likes to cover are :

  • Communication and sales.
  • Real estate agents topics.
  • Real estate investing strategies.
  • Real estate listings.
  • Buying and selling.
  • Tips and tricks.

bryan casella real estate youtube channel

YouTube Channel: Bryan Casella
Subscribers: 150K subscribers .

 5. Max Maxwell

The following YouTube channel on our number is a eden for very estate investors…all thanks to Maxwell. Max is a real estate investor and a serial entrepreneur who is besides running a successful actual estate YouTube channel. No doubt, Max Maxwell is one of the best real estate of the realm YouTube channels around .
Max takes you on an concern veridical estate travel, covering all the significant aspects of the substantial estate market. so, buckle up and get ready for some in truth interest however informative real estate cognition .
Some of the topics covered by Max Maxwell are :

  • Real estate podcasts.
  • Real estate marketing
  • Sales
  • Wholesale real estate.

max maxwell real estate investing youtube channel

YouTube Channel: Max Maxwell
Subscribers: 170K subscribers

 6. Phil Pustejovsky

The next veridical estate of the realm vlog on our number is run by Phil Pustejovsky, a real estate investing mentor who is known for his especial substantial estate of the realm skills and cognition. Phil covers a huge array of topics ranging from personal finances, very estate of the realm and sources of passive income .
Most of the television on the channel lecture about :

  • Personal finances.
  • Home buying.
  • Flipping houses.
  • Vacation rental investing.
  • Creative real estate investing.

so, if you are looking for in-depth very estate of the realm cognition, do consider visiting this channel .

phil pustejovsky real estate youtube channel

YouTube Channel: Phil Pustejovsky
Subscribers: 286K subscribers .
so, these were the YouTube channels we think you should visit if you are in the search for credible very estate of the realm cognition and adept advice. No doubt, these channels are an excellent source to learn something raw every day about real estate. If you are a bibliophile and love read, then we suggest you take a expect at these real estate books. real number estate of the realm podcasts besides help to explore real estate of the realm in greater detail. We hope these YouTube channels will help you in your business and investments american samoa well.

If you have a favored real estate vlog and it ’ s not on the list, let us know. We would look to have a look at it .
besides, if you have any queries, let us know in the comment section below. We will be more than happy to help you out. Get to know naya Pakistan caparison system .

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