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Trust in Authorities


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* The data presented is available to Hidalgo’s state, since there is no representation at the municipality level.

In 2021, 8.46% of the population of Hidalgo claimed to have a lot of confidence in the state police, while a 13.8% indicated they have a lot of distrust.

Similarly, a 11.5% of the population assured that they had a lot of trust in the Public Ministry and State Prosecutors, a 13% in the Judges and a 9.77% in the Federal Police, while a 13.3%, a 11.5% and a 16.1% claimed to have a lot of distrust in them, respectively.

In the graph you can analyze the level of trust in other authorities and review the data by gender by changing the option selected in the upper button.

* Percentages exclude the “Don’t know / no answer” option.

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