PALAZZO DELLA BORSA – A Beautiful Palace in Genoa

  • Palazzo della Nuova Borsa Valori, better known as Palazzo della Borsa, is a historic palace in Genoa, located in Piazza De Ferrari.

    Built by the architects Dario Carbone and Amedeo Pieragostini, the palace has an architecture that recalls the neo-cinquecentesco style, while the interiors, by Adolfo Coppedè, are inspired by the Art Nouveau style.



    In 1855, a decree officially announced the birth of the Trading Exchange in Genoa, hosted by the Loggia di Banchi and the Palazzo Senarega, and administered by the city’s Chamber of Commerce.

    On June 27, 1905, a new company, Società Nuova Borsa, was born for the construction of the Palazzo della Borsa. The place where the building stands today was bought in 1906 by the company mentioned above, and the palace was inaugurated on 20 July 1912.

    In 1912, the Stock Market remained in the Loggia di Banchi, while the Stock Exchange moved to Piazza De Ferrari, in the new building of Palazzo della Borsa.

    With the computerization of the exchanges and the transition to the electronic system, the Genoese Stock Exchange closed on 28 February 1994. Today, the building is mainly used as an exhibition space.



    The monumental facade with ashlar pillars has a rounded form in neo-cinquecentesco style. The facade is covered in Red Verona Marble and red stone from Filettole. Towards Piazza De Ferrari, the building has a gigantic pediment with the writing Borsa.

    Inside, the Trading Floor (Sala delle Grida) has an area of 960 square meters, the largest in Italy at the time. In the center, Adolfo Coppedè created a large elliptical hall, with marble columns to support a dome.



    Pallazo della Borsa is located in Piazza De Ferrari, and the closest Metro and bus station is De Ferrari, about 80 meters away. You can reach the square by bus, with one of the Lines 18, 20, 35, 36, 37, 39, 40, 606, 607, 618, 635, 640 and 641.

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