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Peru has a population of 32,97 million people. Peru’s capital is Lima, and the biggest cities are Lima, Arequipa, Callao, Trujillo and Chiclayo. The official currency is the Peruvian sol. Peru’s GPD is 202 Billion USD and the GDP per capita is 6 126,87 USD.

Peru has 2,437,128 unique IP addresses, which is 0.10% of the global total number of IPs, and has an average of 82 IPs per 1000 citizens.

Internet penetration in Peru has been steadily increasing since 2000. In 2019, about 57% of the Peruvian population had access to the Internet, up from about 3% at the beginning of the century.

ProxyEmpire offers both residential proxies as well as mobile proxies in Peru. We acquire all of our nodes using real devices so none of our proxies share subnets, which makes them much harder to detect, and you ensure you never get blocked while trying to access geo-specific information.

We base our pricing on the traffic usage, you don’t need to pay any extra costs for each unique IP you use. ProxyEmpire’s proxies don’t have a concurrent session limit and you can instantly top up your balance anytime.

Our Residential and Mobile Proxies support both HTTP and SOCKS5 so you will be able to use a Peru IP address with any connection protocol you prefer to work with.

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