Petition · Tell USAA to divest its portfolio from fossil fuels ·

This petition recognizes the need to make prudent financial and environmental decisions for our generation as well as our children and grandchildren. 1000 institutions worth nearly $8 trillion have already divested their trusts and portfolios from fossil fuels. This petition calls on USAA to be a leader in the financial sector by divesting as well.

Cities (San Francisco and Ann Arbor), universities (Johns Hopkins), well known organizations (Rockefeller Brother’s Fund), a handful of banks and pension funds (Amalgamated Bank, Vision Super, & New York City’s pension fund), and an entire nation (Ireland!) have already divested.(

USAA provides world-class customer service. Now is the time to again exemplify that dedication to our servicemen and women by ensuring a financially and environmentally viable future for our posterity. Fossil fuel companies will yield less and less financial benefit each year while concurrently accelerating the destruction of the places we all call home. 

Sign now and tell USAA to join the 1000+ other institutions that have divested from fossil fuels.  




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