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point the Namibe and Lubango stores both run out of all three products. We need to

increase the delivery amounts on the route that serves those two stores. By looking at the

slope of the on-hand inventory at the two stores, it seems like deliveries ought to be about


To do this, first increase the size of the Lubango-Namibe Train by 50%: 330 m3; 60,000

weight; 0.3 operating cost; and 1386 carbon generated.

Then double the drop quantities at both stops on the route:

Lubango Store : Prod A – 12; Prod B – 10; Prod C – 10

Namibe Store: Prod A – 10; Prod B – 6; Prod C – 6

This results in the simulation running for 28 days, then the supplier of Product A runs out

of Product A. Your demand for Product A has been significant. The supplier needs to

increase production of this item to meet your demand. Click on the facilities tab and

select “Suppliers A and B”. Increase the daily production rate for Product A from 5 to 20.

Now the simulation runs for 31 days. It stops on day 31 because the Luanda DC runs out

of Product C. As you look at the on-hand inventory graph for Luanda you can see that

inventory is fluctuating, and that it is drifting upward. See the screenshot below.


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