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Use the Property Inquiry Tool to see tax information on a specific property, including:

  • property class

  • value assessments

  • taxes from current and prior years


Property Information Disclaimer

Use of the tool
This online service is offered free of charge. The City of Hamilton reserves the right to charge for use of this online service in the future.  You will be provided written notice of all changes made to fee structures and services offered.

Property information on this website
The information is collected for property assessment interpretation purposes only. While The City of Hamilton provides this information in good faith, it does not warrant, covenant or guarantee the completeness and accuracy of the information. The City does not assume responsibility nor accept any liability arising from any use other than assessment interpretation. The information is maintained on a regular basis and reflects the contents of the Assessment database per the stated date and time of this document. This information is proprietary and may not be reproduced without consent from The City of Hamilton.

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