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As real estate investors, we need to constantly improve our cognition and craft. We do this by joining groups ( in-person and virtual ), reading books, network, and following key informational resources like news sites, blogs, and podcasts .
Every investor has different informational tools in their toolbelt, but at the end of the day, we can all use a match more. With the heighten of videos and social, key figures in the real estate of the realm world are becoming more accessible to all investors around the world, big or little. As such, we wanted to take a few minutes to provide you with our list of the top veridical estate YouTube channels and personalities you can find today .

1. Master Passive Income

Dustin Heiner quit his subcontract at 37 years old with 30 rental properties making $ 250+ a month in cash flow. With the Master Passive Income YouTube transmit, Dustin is on a mission to teach investors how to build a commercial enterprise first around their very estate assets .

2. RETipster

RETipster is a democratic YouTube channel that focuses on getting investors out of the rate race. Using real estate, RETipster focuses on proved strategies to help find more deals, be more effective, and invalidate risks built-in in investing in real estate .

3. BiggerPockets

BiggerPockets is the go-to for many novice real estate investors. They have a popular web log, podcast, newsletters, and YouTube channel. This groove is in truth a complete resource for anyone involved in veridical estate endow, from novice to novice. On the impart, they teach analyzing and prospecting deals, financing properties, lawsuit studies, and so much more .

4. Grant Cardone

The one and alone Grant Cardone is a stigmatization and sales genius. Did you know that he is besides a highly successful real estate investor ? Cardone Capital has over $ 1Billion assets under management, and Grant ’ randomness YouTube channel talks frequently about this topic .

5. Loida Velasquez

Loida Velasquez is a actual estate streetwalker with a large following on YouTube. This channel provides investors with real estate tips and advice, with a particular focus on the daily struggles and what it takes to succeed in real estate .

6. Neva Williamson

From setting up LLCs to wholesaling, Neva Williamson is a big YouTube real estate influencer who produces regular videos for investors. Although Neva focuses on veridical estate of the realm, she has a special vehemence on life style. Neva besides discusses topics such as running a veridical estate of the realm occupation, overcoming obstacles, and grinding tip off for the investor with an entrepreneurial spirit .

7. Phil Pustejovsky

Phil is one of the most popular real estate experts on YouTube, with over 300,000 subscribers. Phil helps real estate investors make better decisions, and has an amazing ability to make complicate concepts easy to understand.

8. The Rich Dad Channel

Who could forget Robert Kiyosaki ? Although not specific to veridical estate, The Rich Dad Channel talks about everything from property investing, to taxes, to personal finance, to wealth. Robert and the folks at Rich Dad serve entrepreneurs building the initiation they need to run exceeding businesses, and actual estate endow is surely that ! I ’ ll lease Robert speak for himself : “ A clientele needs both a apparitional and a business deputation to be successful, specially at the beginning. ”

9. Ken McElroy

Speaking of Robert Kiyosaki, do you know who is # 1 partner is in real estate ? Ken McElroy ! And, he ’ randomness got a popular YouTube transmit, that serves very estate of the realm investors and entrepreneurs of all levels and experience .

10. Charlie Chang

For all you young investors out there, Charlie Chang is a military unit to be reckoned with. Charlie owned his own real estate of the realm brokerage house, and originated mortgages. Charlie creates videos about personal finance, investing, productivity, and actual estate .

11. Matt McKeever

Do you like investing and having fun ? then Matt McKeever is your ridicule. Based out of London, Canada, Matt is an investor, CPA, and real estate entrepreneur that focuses on multifamily apartments. With a variety of videos on respective topics, Matt loves to have playfulness and provide actionable insight and entertainment for all levels of investors .

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