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The Roku Channel ( TRC ) has grown into the most meaning part of Roku ( ROKU 0.52 % ) over the last several years. But many investors have failed to notice TRC becoming Roku ‘s most all-important generator of tax income because the after-effects of the pandemic have shifted investors ‘ attention to respective short-run concerns. here are three reasons why investors should take a closer look at TRC ‘s long-run growth potential .
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1. Consumers want video they do n’t have to pay for

Consumer demand for free subject is the independent driver of TRC ‘s growth. Roku launched TRC in part because its data showed that the most research term on the Roku platform was “ free. ”
As consumers search for more low-cost options for streaming, they have increasingly turned toward free streaming services like The Roku Channel over subscription-based stream services .
television receiver viewers today struggle with besides many viewing options and only a limited sum of time to watch television receiver. consequently, most consumers refuse to pay for channels that they have little fourth dimension to watch. rather, most people reduce their television receiver view costs by limiting the subscriptions they are uncoerced to pay and, at the like time, increase their view of free cyclosis services.

As a result, loose ad-supported video recording on demand ( AVOD ) grew twice angstrom debauched as subscription television on demand ( SVOD ) in 2021, according to a recent survey. additionally, AVOD should surpass SVOD in consultation size by mid-2022. — which is excellent for TRC .

2. Roku gives viewers better ads

television viewers ‘ frustration with ads has slowed past adoption of AVOD, and Roku intends on correcting that problem by improving the ad know — using TRC as a test land for its latest advertising innovations .
In addition to using artificial intelligence to improve ad target, Roku conducts experiments with the count of ads per hour and the duration of the ads to improve the spectator experience. For exemplify, Roku alone plays ads for seven to eight minutes per hour — compared to traditional television receiver play double the sum of ads. As a resultant role, fewer ads have attracted more users. .
attest suggests that better ads are critical for continue AVOD emergence, and that television viewers will be less annoyed when receiving relevant, informative, and coherent advertisements that consider user privacy concerns — this involves balancing ad targeting techniques with privacy .
Roku already believes that they are on the right track in creating better ads. For example, one Roku executive partially attributes the late increased demand for ad-based free-content to improvement in viewers ‘ ad feel .

3. Better ads help Roku fund better content

TRC ‘s occupation exemplar is a virtuous cycle : demand for detached content attracts viewers, who bring in more ad gross, which buys higher-quality message, which attracts even more viewers .
There is strong evidence that TRC ‘s pure bicycle is working, as it grows its offerings ‘ quantity and quality. TRC now licenses contentedness from more than 250 publishers and carries an estimate 80,000 on-demand shows and movies. additionally, TRC became the top U.S. live television receiver carrier by active account in 2021, now offering more than 200 hot television channels.

possibly the biggest newsworthiness is that TRC became an original content manufacturer in 2021 with its skill of Quibi — a short-form pour platform. Quibi, rebranded into Roku Originals, brought in more viewers in its first gear two weeks than Quibi did during its entire being. In addition, Roku Originals were half of the top 10 on-demand titles by the count of viewers in 2021 .
Roku ‘s management credits its original content gambit for vastly increasing viewership on TRC, although the company fails to disclose specific numbers .

The perils of picking a side

Media companies initially viewed Roku as a inert stream platform, but TRC ‘s recent success has changed that percept .
While Roku claims that TRC helps publishers build an consultation — it is hard for publishers to ignore that TRC became the most popular AVOD on the Roku platform in 2021 .
additionally, publishers fear that TRC will use first-party behavioral data collected from Roku ‘s 60.1 million active accounts — one of the more extensive data sets in the pour industry. TRC uses Roku ‘s data to make better contentedness recommendations and more effective ad than the early AVOD publishers on Roku ‘s chopine — a considerable competitive advantage .
By competing against those other subject providers on the Roku platform, Roku risks driving those services away. however, it seems unlikely that capacity providers will go at this charge, because Roku ‘s platform has the most significant u consultation. According to emarketer, as of October 2021, Roku was the top platform in the US market, accounting for 51.7 % of streaming users — with Amazon ( AMZN 1.27 % ) in moment place with a 45 % parcel. even though Amazon owns a streaming platform with a market share close to Roku, Amazon recently decided to remain on Roku ‘s platform .

Roku ‘s long-run opportunity

The market is presently missing the long-run opportunity in Roku transitioning from chiefly a low-margin cyclosis device occupation to chiefly a higher-margin advertise occupation. You can see that shift in Roku ‘s megascopic margins, which rose from 43.8 % in 2019 to 51.1 % in 2021. Yet Roku ‘s valuation remains close to where it was at the end of 2019, with a price-to-sales proportion around 5.9 — near its three-year depleted .
The market has recently driven down Roku ‘s valuation over concerns about the car industry reducing its advertise spend, as nick shortages leave automakers with fewer cars to sell. however, Roku ‘s ad business should recover from the car industry ‘s add chain problems in the second half of 2022.

When Roku ‘s ad commercial enterprise finally rebounds, TRC will be the independent driver behind the growth. If you can look past short-run concerns, TRC ‘s emergence likely gives you a great reason to invest in Roku for the long term .

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