How YouTuber Aaron Marino Grew to 1.4 Million Followers by Selling Men’s Hair Products

Courtesy of ABC ‘s Shark Tank
After an abortive attempt at getting a deal on ABC ‘s hit display Shark Tank in Season 4, Aaron Marino had the opportunity to return and pitch another merchandise on the prove ‘s Season 7 finale. ad

“ For an entrepreneur, Shark Tank is like the Super Bowl of forwarding. It was very the catalyst to my new business. When I was on there the first meter, it was such a lay waste to experience overall in terms of result. It was heartbreaking, ” said Marino. however, he learned from his mistake. “ indeed, as a result, it spurred the estimate I needed a lower-price-points merchandise, something that every guy could use, that was consumable, and that is how the clientele actually came about. ” That insight soon gave give birth to his new company, Pete and Pedro, which produces hairstyling products designed for men. “ I was styling my hair’s-breadth one sidereal day, and I thought, serviceman, I am very brainsick of the products that are out there. So I thought, what if I could do it better ? ” he explained. “ then I called my good ally, who is a hairdresser, and asked him if he knew of any lab. He did. I said, ‘Let me have the numbers, ‘ and started developing the recipe. ” Marino said the process for developing the convention varies. “ You can [ do it ] with a private label, but I wanted a little bit more — something that is actually my own and alone — so it took about six months to develop the note in sum.

“ The prey market is men with hair who use hairstyling merchandise. I know that sounds broad, but very, most men who care about their visualize and are taking care of themselves are into training and are using some type of hair product. ” ad
With more than 1.4 YouTube subscribers, Marino grew a massive take after on his YouTube channel, AlphaM, which he started in 2008. “ I felt like I could grow it to the point that it was expandable outside of just an consultation, ” Marino said. Despite this huge come, his success did not come from a one-hit wonder. According to Marino, he never even had viral television success. “ I never had where I gain hundred thousand subscribers in a day. It ‘s been a in truth behind process. It ‘s a glide, and just so happens if you stick with it, if you have a message that people are concern in, it will find its audience. ”

Marino says he tested many different content styles in order to hone his message and voice. Because of this, his videos have changed a lot over the years. “ It ‘s just something where there is no immediate magic bullet train … It ‘s precisely a grind, but the people that are successful are the people that keep posting. You just have to keep post, ” Marino said. ad
Gaining success on YouTube requires attachment to a system. He posts three video a week, on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, at noon Eastern. “ There is nothing by accident on YouTube, ” Marino notes. “ I post an extra two videos on Tuesdays and Thursdays on my web site iamalpham, so I am creating and publishing a sum of five videos a week. ” Seeing the potential, real-estate guru and Shark Tank investor Barbara Corcoran offered Marino $ 100,000 for 10 percentage of his social media business. Marino accepted the offer on the show, but by and by had reservations about his decision. “ I was truly matter to at first gear with that deal because I wanted to do a deal. But the independent reason I went out to Shark Tank was because I needed avail with Pete and Pedro, and I actually did n’t see … the partnership with Barbara was going to be in truth beneficial, ” he said. His refusal to focus on the money is another key to his achiever. For every merchandise he agrees to promote, he turns polish twelve. “ At the end of the day, as a YouTuber, I ended up maintaining one thing : credibility, ” he said. “ If I would have taken that deal or if person has an invested sake in me doing the softwood, I would lose my ability to be authentic. And that at the end of the day is the number-one thing that I try to maintain. ” “ once you have this large consultation, you are contacted by everybody who is selling a slender watch, or wallet, or underwear. It ‘s good insane, ” Marino said.

He says these requests are akin to a dissipated process. Products are sent to him. He has to like it, and if he does, he connects them to a representative at his advertising agency, MENfluential. They field all of his deals, brand partnerships and immigrations, along with all of the 17 influencers they represent. “ There are relationships with the contentedness creators to actually expand another business, ” he said. The hype has merely started, however. only two days after airing on Shark Tank, sales have exploded. Marino sold around $ 25,000 deserving of Pete and Pedro products in those two days, the equivalent of two weeks of normal sales. “ We ‘ve been working overtime. I have people who help me with transport, promotion and treat in my agency, but I ‘ve had to step in, and we basically have packing parties, ” Marino said .

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