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The WFE Statistics Database provides registered users with access to a wide range of market indicators. The data is collected on a monthly and annual basis from WFE members, affiliates and non-members. More information on the WFE statistics can be found in the WFE Statistics Definitions Manual 2022 Aug . You can find here a list of WFE monthly and annual indicators.pdf . 

A compilation of the main structural elements observed across markets, including market hours, volatility control mechanisms, and trading rules can be found in WFE Exchanges Factsheets (updated: Sept 2022).


  • Ability to extract time series data across exchanges and indicators
  • Graphical presentation of data
  • Ability to download data in various formats
  • Consolidation of all WFE data in one place

We invite you to access the Statistics Portal using the link below and the WFE’s monthly and annual reports as below.

Access Statistics Portal

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