Stock Market Success – Evening classes – 5 week course

This course runs every Wednesday from 6pm to 8pm (EST) starting April 20th, 2022, for 5 weeks.

Stock Market Success is a behind-the-scenes look at the Stock Market, a chance to Start Your Engines for individuals who have never traded before and includes our amazing Stock Picking Essentials training.  

“I’m in the novice category and it was excellent.  It gave excellent background, all the information to understand  where we need to put our focus, and the ability to understand how to do it.”  Ellen Silverglen

Our Stock Market Success Course is designed to not just teach you about the stock market, but also help you get started as a GREAT trader.  Trading is more than just knowing how to pick a stock, you need to know what your trading options are – what do different types of trading investments return to your portfolio and the risks involved. 

Topics covered include:

How the Stock Market Works – who are the players in the world’s largest money-making game

Risk Management

How to set up a broker account

How to place a trade

Different Types of Investments you can make in the stock market – from mutual funds to dividends, forex to futures, options to penny stocks – understand what they are and the risks and returns associated with them

How To Choose Growth/Momentum Stocks – this is always a highlight for anyone attending the course.  We take you through John Bannan’s step-by-step system of how to “read” a company to discover whether the stock is worth buying and then give you the system to take home to use yourself.

At this time we, as a company, have chosen to place restrictions on the number of attendees so please get your tickets early. We have also chosen, in the interest of the health and safety of attendees and our staff, to mandate vaccination passports at this time. You must be at least double vaccinated, and provide proof of vaccination at the event, to attend this event in person as per government guidelines (second vaccination must be on or before April 6, 2022). No exceptions will be made except as permitted by law. No refunds will be given for failure to prove vaccination on the day.

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